Pilot USA Dual GA Headset Recording Adapter For GoPro Hero 3 / 3+ / 4 PA-80S/Hero3

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Part# 11-11565
MFR Model# PA-80S/HERO3


The Video Recorder Audio Adapter allows you to record all transmissions (local and remote) from the aircraft intercom system to your external GoPro HERO3, 3+ or 4 Video Camera. It's great for creating your own aerial videos without excess cabin noise. It will record all of the audio transmitted through the intercom system, including in-cabin audio and ATC transmissions.

This is a special adapter made exclusively for use with the GoPro HERO3, 3+ or 4 Video Camera. Most digital recorders have a 3.5mm AUX In for recording, however with the GoPro HERO3, 3+ and 4, they use a Mini USB port for recording. This adapter connects directly to the GoPro HERO3, 3+ or 4 Mini USB port instead of a 3.5mm port.
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Q: Is the headset adapter compatible with the GoPro case or does the case need to be modified to allow the cable to connect?

It is not compatible with the waterproof case as it is completely sealed but will work with the GoPro Frame (11-11396).

Q: Will this Pilot USA Hero 3 adapter also record ATC communications?

Yes, this will record both intercom and ATC communications.

Q: Must this adapter be used in conjunction with a headset or will it still collect all ATC and intercom audio if plugged in to an unused intercom jack?

This adapter is to be used inline with your headset to record.

Q: Is the jack on this Pilot USA GoPro Hero 3 to Dual GA Headset adapter a 6.3 or a 3.5mm?

This adapter is neither 6.5 nor 3.5mm. The end that goes into the GoPro camera is Mini USB and the other end is the standard GA headset jack connection.

Q: Is this Pilot USA GoPro Hero 3 to Dual GA Headset Recording Apapter a coiled cable or a normal straight cable?

Some portions of this cable are coiled and some are straight. If you click on the photo on this page you can see a zoomed in view of the product which shows this.

Q: Is this compatible with GoPro Hero 4 cameras? Also, will I need any other accessories to record Radio/ATC?

Yes, this adapter is compatible with the GoPro Hero 3, 3+, and 4 cameras. No, you simply plug this adapter into the camera and the other end inline with your headset and it will record communications.

Q: How long is this Pilot USA GoPro Hero to Dual GA recording cable?

This cable is approximately 45" long. One of the sections is coiled it so it can be extended further when needed.

Q: Who is the manufacturer of this item and do they make a straight cable version?

This item is manufactured by Pilot USA. We have a brand available for a straight cord connection, see our part numbers 11-12914 (5-1/2 Ft) or 11-13676 (15 ft).

Q: Can you verify that this audio cable is compatible with the GoPro Hero 7 Black? GP7 uses a USB C connection unlike the mini-USB found on GP3.

You are correct, this will not work for the GoPro 5 /6 / 7. For the GoPro Hero 7 Black, please order part # 11-15226.

Q: Is this compatible with new GoPro Hero 9 cameras?

No, see part # 11-15226 for the GoPro Hero 9 recording adapter.

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