Garmin Panel Mount COM Radio GTR 225A 10W For Certified Aircraft

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Part# 11-11346
MFR Model# 010-02484-50


Important Notes:
  • Includes Rack, Connector Kit, Back plate.
New series of VHF NAV/COM radios, the GTR and GNC series. As the replacement products for the popular SL30 and SL40 models, the GTR series COM transceivers and GNC series NAV/COM radios include a breadth of new features to reduce pilot workload, while also offering an affordable solution to meet the requirements of the 8.33 kHz channel spacing mandate recently enacted by the European Union under the Single European Sky (SES) initiative.

These products have truly reinvented the stand-alone aviation COM radio with novel features like reverse database look-up and the COM monitor function, which bring new efficiencies to cockpit radio management. Beyond that, these products demonstrate Garmin’s commitment to aviators worldwide, providing the solutions they need to meet the latest regulatory requirements in their regions, such as the recent SES mandate.

The SES mandate
The SES mandate aims to enhance safety and efficiency of air transport in Europe by tripling the number of channels available for aircraft communications. This mandate requires all European aircraft using European airspace to be equipped with 8.33 kHz radios by December 31, 2017. Select GTR and GNC models offer both 25 kHz and the 8.33 kHz operational capabilities required to comply with the law.

The GTR series are more powerful than their SL-series predecessors with versions available with 10- or 16-watt transmit power.

This latest edition grows our list of NVG capable products which already includes NVG specific GTN series navigators as well as G500/G600/G500H flight displays.
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  • The series offers a variety of original features never seen before in a stand-alone COM radio. A unique frequency database makes it easy to find all the frequencies associated with a given airport or facility just by entering the location name or station ID. And when manually tuning a frequency, the reverse lookup function will automatically provide the navaid and/or airport identifier. Pilots can also find the nearest airport, area control center, flight service station, weather frequencies and VORs. All models also include a COM monitor function, which provides the utility of two receivers in one, allowing the pilot to listen to transmissions like ATIS without leaving the active ATC frequency, as one example.
  • The GTR and GNC series automatically store the 20 most recently called frequencies. Plus, the radios allow for storage of up to 15 favorite frequencies such as the pilot’s home airport or other frequently visited destinations. A familiar flip-flop feature allows channels to be entered in a standby window, and then activated with a press of a button. All models also include a built-in, voice activated two-place intercom making it a great solution for a two seat aircraft without an audio panel. A built-in timer can assist with approaches, holds and other assigned maneuvers.


  • Communication channels: 760 with 25 kHz spacing; 2280 channels with 8.33 kHz spacing
  • Frequency range: 118.000 to 136.992 MHz (with 8.33 kHz spacing
  • Transmit power: 10 or 16 W (optional)
  • Input voltage range: 9 to 33 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +55 C
  • Certifications: TSO C169a (transmitting and receiving), TSO C128a (stuck mic)
  • Dimensions: 1.65”H x 6.25”W x 10.4”D (4.19 x 15.88 x 26.42 cm)
  • Weight: 2.30 lbs (1.04 kg) unit only; 3.06 lbs (1.38 kg) with mounting rack
  • Depth: 11.23 inches (28.52 cm) behind panel, including mounting rack and connectors

Unit Comparison

Unit Com Nav 8.33kHz Transmit Power
GTR 225 X 10W
GTR 225A X X 10W
GTR 225B X X 16W
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Q: Does the Garmin Panel Mount Com Radio GTR 225A come with a FAA 8130 form?

The GTR 225 does not come with a 8130 form but it can be purchased separately.

Q: Does the GTR225A actually achieve 10w transmit output on a 14v aircraft, or only on a 28v aircraft?

Yes, both versions output 10 Watts.

Q: I need to replace my SL40. Does the Garmin GTR 225A have the same 156-Pin D-Sub as the SL40?

No, the GTR 225A is not a direct, slide-in replacement. New wiring, rack and backplate will supplied to do the install.

Q: Is the GNC 225 a slide-in replacement for the King 196?

No, the GNC 225 is not a slide-in replacement for the King 196.

Q: Does a 16watt unit require 28v or does a 16 watt unit achieve full 16 watt output on a 14v system?

PER GARMIN - Yes, the GTR will output the 10 or 16 watts at 9-33VDC.

Q: Does the GTR225A come with all necessary installation kit?

Yes, the rack and connector kit are in the box.

Q: Does the GTR 225A come with a plug? Is there anything extra you must purchase for installation?

This unit comes with the installation kit. You will have to purchase your own wire or the wiring harness available on our website for installation. A comm antenna and coaxial cable is also needed.

Q: Does the installation manual come with the GTR 225A?

No, the install manual is available by request after the unit has been purchased. It is not included in the package.

Q: How does the GTR 225 differ from my GTR 200?

The GTR 200 is for experimental aircraft where the GTR 225 is for certified aircraft. The GTR 200 has a high end stereo intercom where the GTR 225 has a basic mono intercom.

Q: Do I have to purchase database updates to support the GTR225? I also will have a GTN750.

Yes, these databases can be purchased directly through Garmin. for the GTR 225. For the GTN 750, those are updated through Jepp.

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