G-Force aera 500 Series GPS Mount

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Part# 11-08773
MFR Model# GF120


This new Garmin AERA touch-screen GPS is pretty to look at, fun to play with, technical hip. But pretty, fun, and hip rob your attention. In the old days of GPS you could, at half-glance, feel around for that familiar button and confirm with a tangible click. In the new age of GPS, inputs are tactile-free and silent.

Touch-screen tech makes you look. And that makes you look away. When you screw touch-screen technology to a yoke-mount, it bobs and weaves like a free-range chicken. Each time the yoke moves, your GPS moves. Itís never where you saw it, last time you saw it. Without your full attention, you donít know where your finger is or where itís been. So is the insidious secret of touch-screen programming: Itís a time-suck. It rearranges your command priorities by making you look.

The G-Force GPS Mount

  • Manages your cockpit Resources
  • Restores your priorities
  • Returns valuable seconds to your command


Im using in the car. Its easy to set up.

October 19, 2017


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Q: Does the G-Force Aera GPS mount have a suction mount? How does it connect to the back of the Garmin Aera 660?

Yes, it has a suction mount. No, this is designed for the Aera 500 series. The 660 will not fit.

Q: How does the G-Force Aera 500 series GPS mount attach to the back of the Aera?

The mount picks up the 4 mounting bolts on the Garmin power/data cable dock (as seen on part number 11-08088).

Q: Can this G-Force mount be installed in a helicopter?

Yes, this mount uses a suction cup to mount the GPS so as long as you have a surface to apply the suction cup to there is no limitation.

Q: I want to use my Aera in the mount on its own internal battery only. Will the Mount just clamp onto the AERA without having to attach the power data cable?

The mount will not attach to the 660 without the fitting that is on the power data cable. You will still need the snap in adapter that is on the power data cable to use this with the aera 660.

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