RAM 3-1/4 Inch Diameter Suction Cup Base With Twist Lock

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Part# 11-06449
MFR Model# RAM-B-224-1U


The RAM-B-224-1U consists of a 3.25 inch twist lock suction cup base that is connected to the (RAM-B-238U), diamond base with 1 inch rubber ball. The suction cup is designed to have an extra strong hold on any smooth non-porous surface, but for best result, mount the suction cup on a glass or non-porous plastic surface.


  • Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Ball Size: 1" Rubber Ball "B" Size
  • Note: Product packaged in poly bag.
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Darren B Verified Purchase


September 17, 2021

Peter L Verified Purchase


August 5, 2021

I love these RAM products. This suction cup base holds an iPad Mini 4 with no problem. What I needed. Fast shipping!

Daris H
February 20, 2020

I want to support an iPad Mini. Do not know if it will as I havent got to try it yet but I love all other Ram products.

Daris H
October 3, 2019

Atlas W
September 15, 2017

The product was great. Picking it up was not. Standing outside in the cold and wind, not knowing if the employees were aware that I was there or not is a very negative experience. I understand limiting the number of customers in the store and limiting contact, but this is the third time I’ve stood outside for a reasonably long time with no indication that your desk employees were acknowledging that I was there. I encourage you to find a friendlier, more customer oriented way of dealing with COVID requirements and safety precautions.

December 28, 2020

Pay close attention to the point about non-porous surfaces in the Q&A. I tried mounting this temporarily (for a flight sim) on painted drywall at home, and it drops off after a few minutes. You *need* to mount this on metal or glass, or plastic as a last resort.

David M
February 1, 2019

This is my second ball mount from Ram. I just replaced the first one because the rubber suction cup is so thin that it deforms over time due to heat (I keep it out of the sun) in my planes cabin. The deformed cup will no longer hold suction. Other than that, I like the Ram cup. I do wish they would make the cup with thicker rubber.

John W
July 12, 2018

One of the screw holes seems to be stripped and the screw doesnt seem to catch firmly.

Charles B
February 27, 2018


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Q: Is the twist lock for the RAM suction cup for applying suction to the glass or is it for letting the ball swivel and then lock the ball and shaft in a new set position?

The twist lock is for applying suction to the glass.

Q: Is a Samsung 7 tablet with medium length arm too heavy for the suction, or do I need the double suction base?

We recommend using the double suction when mounting tablets. Please see part number 11-12943 for the double suction base.

Q: Will this single suction hold and Ipad Air with the long arm to the curve of the windshield?

Yes, it will hold, but if you expect to experience turbulence you may consider using the double suction cup mount, either part # 11-18174 or part # 11-14087.

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