Icom Headset Ptt Switch

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Part# 11-18529


ICOM Headset PTT Switch
Will work with IC-A3, IC-A4, IC-A5,IC-A6, IC-A14, IC-A22, IC-A23, IC-A24, IC-A110



Collin H Verified Purchase

ICOM PTT SW FOR A6 A24 A25 A14 A110 A16

December 18, 2021

Works great with my ICOM

Robert S Verified Purchase

ICOM PTT SW FOR A6 A24 A25 A14 A110 A16

October 2, 2021

Ordered online, shipped same day, order was received in good order 2 days later. Great part great service

Martin B Verified Purchase

ICOM PTT SW FOR A6 A24 A25 A14 A110 A16

July 28, 2021

Works great!

Michael D Verified Purchase

ICOM PTT SW FOR A6 A24 A25 A14 A110 A16

July 1, 2021

real pleased

Timothy R Verified Purchase

ICOM PTT SW FOR A6 A24 A25 A14 A110 A16

June 23, 2021

exactly what I needed

Michel R Verified Purchase

ICOM PTT SW FOR A6 A24 A25 A14 A110 A16

June 2, 2021

Very well made and easy to install.

Kelly S
March 4, 2021

Application is on Fisher 303 ultralight and ICOM radio. Works well push to talk button Velcros around the control stick for easy access.

Vincent S
January 10, 2021

Product works great and just as described. Quick shipping. Thanks

Pedro P
July 2, 2020

Reasonable price and fast deli very. Thanks!

David T
April 13, 2020


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Q: I only see one plug in the photo. Where does it plug in? Where does the mic plug in?

The Icom PTT has a single plug that connects to the Icom headset adapter which has a third pigtail (other than the mic and headset plugs) for this PTT 3.5mm port.

Q: Can you tell me what plug I need for this PTT switch if I want to connect to a panel mount transceiver?

This is a portable PTT only for use with Icom handheld radios. For panel mount radios like the Icom A210 you will need stick or yoke mount PTT which is wired to the connecter on the back of the panel mount radio. 11-04467 would be an example.

Q: Will the Icom A6 work with the headset adapter and a headset without having to use a separate push to talk switch?

You can use a headset adapter and still use the built in push to talk button on the transceiver. The Icom headset PTT switch is an optional switch to mount on your yoke for convenience.

Q: Will the PTT switch work with the Icom IC-A21?

You will need the Icom headset adapter part number 11-03566 and then this product will work for your IC-A21.

Q: Will this ppt work for a yaesu handheld radio. Or which ptt will work. Does the yaesu have a ptt option. I want to get a handheld with a portable intercom with two ptt? Would that be easier with icom or a yaesu setup?

No, the Icom PTT Switch will not work with Yaesu radios. You will need an inline PTT switch such as part number 11-07712. The Yaesu radio will come with the headset adapter.

Q: Will the Icom PTT switch work with a Sigtronics SPO-42 intercom system?

Sigtronics only recommends using their PTT switch, part number 11-02806.

Q: Can I use two of these with a Icom A14 radio/headset adaptor if I plug a 3.5 splitter into the PTT pigtail on the headset adaptor?

Yes, this set up would work fine.

Q: Will this work with the IC-A25N and the headset adapter that comes with the IC-A25N ?

Per the installation manual, yes this will work.

Q: Will this PTT switch work with the A16? If not, what part number will?

Yes, this works with the Icom A16.

Q: When attaching the ppt switch via the headset jack plug to an ic-A25NE does the handheld built in microphone get muted?

Yes, the built in mic gets muted when using this unit with a headset.

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