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Even when the airplane is small, itís always nice to have an autopilot for long cross-country journeys. These always have been compatible with most stand-alone autopilots, including the popular TruTrak Digiflight series and Trio.

The GRT Avionics EFIS Autopilot function, whether coupled to GRT digital autopilot servos or an external stand-alone autopilot, provides:
  • The greatest functionality of any autopilot available to the kit plane industry.
  • The best ride quality and precision.
While stand-alone autopilots use compromised techniques to derive the data for control of the airplane, the GRT autopilot uses AHRS data that accurately describes the motion of the airplane, and allows for superior performance that even the most established autopilot can not match.

The servos move the flight controls. They have a critical role, and are designed for exactly this purpose. Safety features are abundantÖfrom a shearable output arm, to clutchless servo override, to safety-wiring of the case assembly, and much more. Going the extra mile to protect your flight controls, and it didnít stop there. The exclusive servo motor temperature sensing allows these servos to develop greater torque without the risk of overheating that would lead to reduced servo performance and premature failure.
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Q: What is included in the mounting kit?

Aluminum mounting bracket for the servo, Aluminum control rod to run from the servo to the aileron or elevator bellcrank/pushrod. Rod end bearings with washers to connect the control rod on each end AN hardware to fasten everything together.

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