Val Avionics COM 2Kr: Remote VHF Transceiver

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Part# 11-11457
MFR Model# COM 2KR


The innovative COM 2KR from VAL Avionics is the first radio to offer complete user interface through the electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) display. This provides full control of transmit and receive frequencies as well as volume and squelch from the EFIS, allowing the COM radio to be removed from the instrument panel.

The COM 2KR is the next step in general aviation communications. As with all Val Avionics products, the COM 2KR is crafted from a solid brick of aluminum for maximum durability and performance for years to come. Supporting both 14- and 28- volt systems, the COM 2KR is outfitted for flexible installation in nearly all light-sport, experimental and type-certificated aircraft.


  • Complete EFIS integration via RS232 interface.
  • 8-watt transmitter.
  • Milled billet aluminum construction.
  • Meets requirements of TSO-C169a.
  • Compact design: L: 8.75 W: 5.9 H: .86
  • Manual squelch control.
  • Integrated mounting tabs.
  • Standard BNC connector.


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Q: Do you know if the COM 2KR is compatible with the DYNON 180 Flightdek EFIS?

The Val Avionics Com 2KR is not compatible with any DYNON products. It is however compatible with an MGL or Advanced EFIS.

Q: Will the Val Avionics Com 2KR work with Microphone: PA9 Electret?

Per the manufacturer: Yes, the Val Avionics com 2KR (11-11457) will work with a PA9 electret mic.

Q: Does this radio have a dual-watch funtion?

Per Val Avionics: No dual watch function.

Q: Will the VAL 2KR work with the GRT Sport EX?

Per the manufacturer, yes it will work.

Q: Is the COM 2KR compatible with both versions of the Dynon SkyView?

Per Vendor: "Neither Dynon or Garmin support our COM 2KR or the NAV 2KR. They do however support our COM 2000 and our NAV 2000"

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