4 Hole Recessed Mic & Phone Jack Housings

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Modified to allow plugs to enter from the opposite side, being recessed they are out of the way. When jacks are plugged in they are flush with the edge of the housing, a real custom look with this style of housing. Made of aluminum, with a powder coat finish.

Comes bagged with housing, clamp, and mounting screw.
Dims: 4W x 5L x 1.06H; Cutout req.: 3.25W x 4.43L
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Beware, this requires short mic / phone plugs on your headset to work. Longer heavy duty types like used on DC headsets and others will not plug in.

Raymond A
February 9, 2016


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Q: What are the dimensions of these 4 hole recessed mic and jack housings?

Dims: 4W x 5L x 1.06H; Cutout req.: 3.25W x 4.43L

Q: How exactly are these mounted?

It requires a cut out for the housing to be recessed in a side panel and is held in with a clamp that is supplied with the housing.

Q: The review says heavy duty plugs wont fit, and recommends a short plug. What are the dimensions of the plug that fits?

Per the manufacturer most plugs will fit but, they do have a note stating the following: Installation note: Due to the variety of different hardware it may be necessary to bend jack location, the aluminum is soft for this purpose. Best method to do so is to mount housing firmly in place so as not to deform the outer flange, then use a Phillips screw driver or old male plug placed inside of the female elliptical and carefully bend to desired location this is a common practice.

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