Pilot USA PA-2170T Passive Headset

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Part# 11-04940
MFR Model# PA-2170T


This passive, non-clamping, lightweight, superior noise attenuating headset will exceed your lofty expectations. This model has the same comfort features as Pilot USA’s top of the line ANR headsets such as sheepskin head pad and silicone gel ear seals. This headset comes with a soft padded headset case.

The headset is cell/satellite phone capable, and has a “true stereo” input jack so that the user can listen to music from a CD player, IPOD®, MP3® or external radio. The cell phone system is designed to work with either newer “Smartphones” that use a 3.5mm (4 conductor) input or older phone that use a 2.5mm input.


  • Passive Noise Reduction: (NRR) 26dB
  • Cell/Satellite phone interface
  • Auxiliary audio interface for music or audible checklists/warnings
  • Mono/stereo capability
  • Dual volume controls
  • Genuine sheepskin headpad
  • Gel ear seals
  • Noise cancelling electret microphone
  • Soft padded headset case
  • Warranty: Five Year Warranty
  • Made in USA


  • Weight: 12.4 ounces (352 grams)
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Made in USA


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Well made, quick ship, light, comfortable, crystal clear, and a great price. Perfect!

Buddy V
March 15, 2021

Great lightweight headset! Works as well, and is more comfortable than headsets costing up to twice as much. The cell phone input is great for obtaining instrument clearances on the ground. I also use this input for a Blue Tooth receiver to add iPad audio, such as traffic alerts to be heard by crew members.

Kermit J
April 5, 2018


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Q: I own a Tecnam LAS with dual plug ports. I want to use this headset with my iPhone6. Will it work? Are all cables included to connect the headset with my iPhone?

Yes, this headset is equipped with Dual GA plugs, so it will connect fine in your aircraft. The iPhone connecting cable is not included. You would need to order part # 11-10531 separately to make the connection to your iPhone.

Q: Can the Pilot USA PA-2170T headset be used with B-747 and B-737 equipped with dual GA plug inputs?

Yes, this headset is equipped with dual GA plugs.

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