Nflightcam GoPro Cockpit Kit

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Part# 11-14388
MFR Model# 570K


This kit is the complete solution for filming with your GoPro inside the cockpit; everything is included except the GoPro.

The Nflightcam Cockpit Kit is the complete solution for filming with a GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, or Hero4 Silver or Black inside the cockpit. The Nflightcam Audio+Power cable allows you to capture crystal clear audio from your headset while powering the camera for endless recording. The Nflightcam high­-quality optical glass Propeller Filter removes the annoying propeller distortion. This adapter securely attaches the camera to the fully-­articulating suction cup. The mount is designed to stand up to the vibration and G-forces that other non-aviation mounts will not withstand. The suction cup allows for easy mounting to any smooth surface inside your cockpit. The custom-cut foam case makes it easy to keep everything organized and safe, both in the cockpit and at home.

What makes our filter special?

43mm filter and adapter do several things. The adapter allows for a positive attachment to the GoPro camera through the use of a set-screw that can be tightened by hand. Other filter adapters designed for the GoPro use a friction fit and can vibrate loose in the cockpit. The size of this filter is 43mm to allow for the use of GoPro’s SuperView super-wide angle mode on the Hero4 Silver and Black. This filter will allow you to shoot in SuperView mode without seeing the edges of the filter, also known as vignetting.

(Not compatible with Hero4 Session, or Hero, Hero+, Hero+LCD cameras)

Does not include GoPro Camera.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4 Silver, Hero4 Black

In The Box

  • Nflightcam Audio + Power Cable
  • Nflightcam 43mm propeller filter and adapter
  • Suction Cup with fully­-articulating ball head
  • Case with custom foam insert


This kit comes as shown in the ACS pop up photos, and will be fine with a Hero 3-4 type. But this does not fit the later series five, yet. The really good news, NFLIGHTCAM now makes A prop filter specifically for the Sessions camera, It fits the cute little cubs square clip on very securely, and has a small loop for a tether to prevent losing it ! And it works great as well.

John E
March 5, 2017

NFlightCam customer, but did not buy this kit. Heads up - Hero 5, 6, 7 (not fitted for this kit) does not allow simultaneous external battery (for longer record times) and external audio (for headset audio).

Stephen A
October 1, 2018


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Q: Will this work with the hero seven black camera?

No, for the Hero7 Black Camera you will need part # 11-14899.

Q: Will this work with GoPro 360 series camera?

This kit is only for the GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, or Hero4 Silver or Black and is not compatible with the GoPro 360.