Pilot USA PA-1771Th ANR Helicopter Headset

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Part# 11-03537
MFR Model# PA-1771TH


Utilizing the same electronics as the PA-1779TH, the PA-1771TH comes with an external battery pack (one 9V). For added comfort, the headset comes standard with a Genuine Sheepskin head pad and their proprietary Twin-layer Silicone Gel Ear Seals (30% less weight than normal gel ear seals). The weight has been brought down to 11.9 oz. on this model making it one of the lightest weight ANR headsets in the marketplace.

The PA-1771TH is equipped with their new Auto On/Auto Shut-off proprietary circuitry. The ANR will automatically turn on when plugged into an aircraft with the radio turned on or plugged into an active intercom. The headset will shut-off automatically when the headset is unplugged from the inline battery box or is manually turned off using the On/Off button on the battery box. The headset will also automatically turn off when the radio or master switch is turned off.

This headset is featured with their cell/satellite phone capability using an input jack. The input jack serves a dual purpose so that the user can listen to music from a CD player, IPOD®, MP3® or external radio and listening to “True Stereo” through the same jack. A custom protective padded case is provided with the headset.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Passive: 25dB (NR)
  • Active: Additional 20-22dB
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Cell/Satellite phone interface
  • Auxiliary audio interface for music or audible checklist/warnings
  • Mono/Stereo Capability
  • Dual Volume control
  • Custom padded protective case
  • Powered by 9 volt battery
  • Battery life: 25-30 hrs
  • Weight: 12.9 ounces (366 grams)
  • Five-year warranty
  • Made in U.S.A


  • Generating element - electret condenser
  • Polar Pattern—Bi-directional
  • Frequency Response—150-4000 Hz
  • Impedance—50 ohms @ 16 VDC
  • Sensitivity– 100dB @ 1mW input
  • Power Requirements— 8-16 VDC
  • Current Drain—8 mA at 8 VDC
  • Color/Case Materials —Black ABS
  • Weight — 6 grams
  • Mating Connector—U173/u
  • Audio speaker impedance: 300 ohms
  • Nominal Power: 100 mW
  • Max Power: 200 mW
  • SPL: 102+2dB at 1 KHz
  • Effective DNC Frequency Range: 30 Hz-8000Hz
  • Active Noise Reduction: 18-22 dB at 100 Hz
  • Maximum Ambient Noise Level: 120 dB SPL




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