Sandia Sae5-35 Altitude Encoder

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Part# 11-00665
MFR Model# 705154-00


The SAE5-35 Altitude encoder from Sandia is small (1" high), lightweight (12 oz.) and utilizes Gillham Grey code in 100' resolution for optimum performance and accuracy. Features two RS232 outputs in 10 foot resolution, simplifying installations. All connectors are on the same side for easy mounting, and digital calibration eliminates analog drift. Altitude In-Flight Monitoring (AIM) mode alerts the pilot when he strays off altitude. Requires virtually no warm up time and uses very little power. Fully TSO'd and backed by factory 3 year warranty. Power: 11-33VDC.
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Q: Does the Sandia SAE5-35 come with mounting plate and connector kit?

Yes, it does come with mount plate and connector kit.

Q: Can I install the Sandia SAE-35 encoder to report altitude to my Apollo GX-55 GPS?

There has not been specific testing done on the Sandia. Garmin techs believe this will work, however they can not guarantee it.

Q: Will this Sandia SAE5-35 unit work with a Garmin 330ES? Im upgrading to a 330ES Xponder, 530W, and a pair of G5s

Yes, this will work with your GTX 330 ES.

Q: Good day - Please advise if the 8130-3 is included with the Encoder SANDIA SAE-35?

No, the product is marked TSO approved but does not include a domestic 8130 in the box. 8130-3 export form can be requested in the shopping cart (additional fees apply).

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