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Telex Airman 8 ANR Headset Dual GA Plugs 600 Ohm

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Part# 11-15433
MFR Model# AIRMAN8-0210


Sound Quality
The Airman 8 features a high-quality amplified electret microphone for clear voice transmission. Improved ANR and microphone noise cancellation ensures superior in-flight communication.

Active Noise Reduction
The Airman 8 headset features enhanced ANR (Active Noise Reduction) with even more noise reduction, helping to improve intelligibility and reduce fatigue. The position of the ANR switch has also moved to the forward-facing ear cup side, making it easier to reach the switch without having to remove the headset. A unique feature of the Airman 8 is that it is powered from its microphone system, eliminating the need for batteries or special connectors.

A strong stainless steel headband with metal pivots improves durability for long headset life. The new microphone boom design provides stronger rotation stops, utilizing the full diameter of the ear cup. Furthermore, a pre-coiled overhead cord has been added to extend the useful life of the headset. The main headset cord is also more robust and features an improved design of the band relief on the ear cup entrance.

Comfort and Fit
The soft headband pad and lightweight design provides comfort, even on long flights. An added yoke provides enhanced comfort by allowing ear cup movement in all directions. Furthermore the Airman 8 comes with replaceable ear cup covers and leatherette ear cushions.

Safety Improvements
An acoustic limiter protects users against sudden increases in sound levels

FAA TSO Approval
The Airman 8 headset is fully FAA TSO C-139a compliant.

ARINC standards
The Airman 8 is fully compliant to ARINC (Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated) requirements.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Color: Black and stainless steel
  • Cord Length: 6 ft (1.8288 m) [ +/-4in (+/-10cm) ]
  • Ear Seals: Leatherette
  • FAA TSO Approvals: C-139a approved
  • Frequency Response: 350-3500 Hz (per RTCA DO-214a)
  • Impedance: 150-600 Ω Ω
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 100 10000 Hz (per RTCA DO-214a)
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -28 dBV/Pa
  • Microphone Type: Noise-canceling amplified electret
  • Power: via boom microphone connection or XLR pin 5
  • Power Requirements: requires boom microphone to be powered continuously or power from aircraft via XLR
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 92 +/- 5 dB SPL/mW (per RTCA DO-214a)
  • Type: Dynamic
  • Weight: 4.2 oz (119.07 g) (wearing weight)
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The earpiece mount redesign is much better than the original telex 850 headsets. We had 2 previous 850’s snap at the earpiece attachment in the last 3 years. The Telex Airman 8 seems to fix that problem.

Ryan F Verified Purchase


September 17, 2021

Good ANR headset at a great price!

Karl D
May 10, 2018

It was exactly whta i was looking for. Every thing was perfect, thank you very much.

Pablo V
January 29, 2018

I have owned 2 previous Telex headsets which have been great headsets, so I held great excitement for this new headset, but unfortunately Telex fell short on the Airman 8. The only part of this headset that works well is the battery-free ANR. Otherwise here is a numbered list of dislikes: 1. Windscreen is ineffective in filtering out wind noise 2. Ear seals are too firm which makes the headset increasingly uncomfortable to use after a half hour 3. Rotating the microphone boom is a two-handed operation, one hand to hold the headset from moving on your head and the other to actually rotate the boom. 4. Headband pads add to the discomfort by focusing the pressure into 2 small contact areas on your head. 5. Cord is quite rigid and inflexible for such a delicate headset. Even with the clothing clip, it makes cord management more of a chore than it should be. 6. Carrying case requires rotating the ear cups 90 degrees to lay flat, increasing the time and hassle of packing and unpacking. For a headset that is designed for comfort for hours of continuous use, I felt it difficult to use this headset for more than a half hour. Overall review: find another headset... The Airman 8 is uncomfortable and not suited for use over long periods of time. To be fair, the quality, construction and durability appear to be consistent with the Telex brand. I have no doubt this headset would last for many years.

Ryan F
January 14, 2018

Upgraded from 850 to Airman 8 thinking that the quality of sound and hardware was better but I am disappointed The sound was terrible sounded like listening through a soup can, the padding is not comfortable at all. They were returned.

March 2, 2021


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Q: Where does the Telex Airman 8 ANR headset draw its power?

Per Telex: The Airman 8 pulls power from the MIC side of the circuit. To power the ANR you will have to have an Active intercom turned on your aircraft com panel.

Q: Will the Telex Airman 8 work in a DC-10?

It all depends on the plug style in the DC-10. This headset works in aircraft equipped with dual GA headset input jacks. If the DC-10 has dual headset input jacks, this will work fine.

Q: Is this a Telex Airman 8 ANR a true Stereo headset?

Yes, this is a stereo headset.

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