Gleim Deluxe Private Pilot Kit

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The Gleim Deluxe Private Pilot Kit is an all-in-one training program designed to expedite training for the Private Pilot certificate. This kit contains what you need (except airplane and instructor!) to become a Private Pilot.

Test Prep Online and Gleim Online Ground School are compatible on all operating systems and mobile devices or tablets with an Internet connection.

Set Contents

  • Flight Bag
  • Gleim Cap
  • Flight Computer
  • FAR/AIM (Card access for download - no physical copy)
  • FAA Test Prep Online-Private Pilot
  • Logbook
  • Gleim Online Ground School for Private
  • Pilot Handbook
  • Plotter
  • Private Pilot Flight Maneuvers and Practical Test Prep
  • Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test book
  • Private Pilot Syllabus book
  • Private Pilot Training Record book


  • Save money by purchasing all required material together
  • We guarantee you will pass your FAA Knowledge Test by using our interactive Online Ground School
  • Become a better test-taker with unlimited practice sessions
  • Study anywhere using Gleim Test Prep Online

System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer version 7 or Higher
  • Firefox version 15 or Higher
  • Safari version 5.1 or Higher
  • Adobe Flash Player Version 10.3 or Higher
  • Adobe Reader Version 9 or Higher
  • Sound Card: You must have a sound card with speakers or headphones for Audio Visuals
  • General: You will also need the following: An active Email account, Have Cookies Enabled, Have JavaScript Enabled
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Corky W Verified Purchase


March 5, 2022

Stephen T
October 15, 2018

David H
April 20, 2018

Its not online ground school because theres no instruction. Theyve converted the book from the tier below into a web page, and its composed of loose notes. Imagine going to a class, and looking at the instructors notes handwritten in their book. Thats what this is. Theres almost no videos, no interactive exercises other than some FAA test questions. If you buy this, plan on buying King, or watching a ton of youtube videos, because theres no school here. The worst section is the FAA CFR regulations, which are just summarized regulations. If you dont already know this stuff, look elsewhere.

Noah G
November 24, 2021


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Q: Does this Gleim Deluxe Private Pilot kit ship with the new material?

Yes, our current inventory is of the latest edition. It will ship with the newest material.

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