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Take to the skies with confidence with the ELT 345. This emergency locator transmitter is equipped via NAV interface, so if you run into an emergency, search and rescue teams will be given your aircraft location in less than a minute, within 100 meters. In addition to providing position accuracy, the ELT 345 transmits on 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz frequencies. Like all our products, this ELT is built to surpass industry standards, and ensure you'll get the help you need. Be Prepared for the Unpredictable: - Manual and automatic activation - Two-wire remote switch - Flexible installation - Stainless steel mounting bracket - Built-in navigational interface

When an emergency happens, rely on the same brand that leading aircraft manufacturers trust for first-class quality, superior technology, and outstanding customer service. The new ARTEX ELT 345 is built to the industrys most stringent quality management standards to ensure the ELT works the first time, every time. The ARTEX ELT 345 transmits on 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz frequencies while providing positon accuracy thanks to the built-in GPS navigational interface. GPS data is embedded within the first emergency transmission and provides Search and Rescue personnel with the aircraft location, within 100 meters, in less than a minute. The ELT 345 boasts an industry low price for an ELT providing the same quality and performance on which the ARTEX brand was built.

FAA TSO C126b approved.


  • The ARTEX ELT 345 can be activated manually (via cockpit remote switch or ELT switch) or automatically (the G-Switch senses a 2.3G or greater impact), and alerts the closest Search and Rescue agency of your emergency. The 406 MHz signal, containing your GPS coordinates, is transmitted to the Cospas-Sarsat satellites and relayed to the Mission Control Center where it is immediately routed to the nearest Search and Rescue agency. Your beacons registration will tell first responders who you are and the beacon itself lets them know where you are to within 100 meters. Finally, the local 121.5 MHz homing signal assists Search and Rescue forces to identify your exact location.


ELT 345
Product Number:
Operating Frequencies:
406.040 MHz (+/- 1kHz) - Emission Designator 16K0G1D / 121.5 MHz (+/- 6.075 kHz) - Emission Designator 3K20A3X
Output Power:
406 MHz: 5 W for 24 hours @ -20C to +55C, 121.5 MHz: 50 mW for 50 hours @ -20C to +55C
Output Connector:
BNC Female
Built-in GPS Navigational Interface (NMEA 0183 or RS 232)
Automatic via G-Switch by 4.5 ft/sec (2.3 G) or Manual Activation
6 year Lithium (LiMnO2), Replacement Battery Part No. 8322
Temperature Certified to:
Operating: -20C to +55C, Storage: -55C to +85C
Self Test Checks:
G-Switch Enabled, 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz Power, NAV system, Low Battery
Remote Control:
Weight (with tray):
2.0 lbs (907.19 g)
ELT Transmitter with mounting hardware installed: 6.40 (L) x 2.96 (H) x 3.78 (W) inches (16.26 x 7.52 x 9.60 cm)
Cospas-Sarsat, FAA TSO, Industry Canada
Black Whip Antenna (P/N: 8324)
Mounting Tray and Strap:
P/N: 8323 (Universal mounting hole pattern fits 90% of existing ELT hole configurations)

How it Works

  • The ARTEX ELT 345 provides a quick-and-easy retrofit opportunity with flexible installation options such as a two-wire remote switch that does not require any aircraft power. Because it is a single output ELT, the ELT 345 utilizes the same RF output and only one coax cable to transmit both 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz signals. The built-in navigational interface does not require aircraft power to operate which greatly reduces the cost of installation. The stainless steel mounting bracket has a multiple-hole pattern configuration which makes the replacement of legacy ARTEX ELTs or old ACK, Kannad and AmeriKing ELTs quick and easy.

  • Pair the ELT 345 with ARTEXs exclusive online satellite confirmation testing system, 406Test.com, and get real-time beacon testing results, from the same satellites used by Search and Rescue, to ensure your ELT system is functioning properly. There is a reason that ARTEX ELTs are the choice of more aircraft manufacturers than any other; they trust ARTEX to build the highest quality products knowing they are used to save lives.

In The Box

  • ELT 345
  • Remote switch panel (Hookup wires not included)
  • Whip antenna - Rated to 250 knots
  • Coaxial cable
  • Mounting tray
  • Battery
  • Accessories
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We have installed many of these units! Very impressed with Artex and their development of this reasonably priced ELT for general aviation.

Curtis A
September 30, 2019


Reed R
September 2, 2019

Unit arrived within 24 hours . Installer needs to supply wire to remote switch. Old unit used phone wire but I had to replace with shielded aircraft wire as phone wire triggered ELT when connected. Price is right and unit appears to work.

David B
August 19, 2019

Slick website, a market leader in beacons, but not a company for home builders and the do it yourself crowd. If you need customer support after you buy this, well, good luck. Emails wonât be returned, you must call. Be prepared to be placed on hold, and if you are able to leave a message, donât expect a return call. My questions for technical support were deflected to their default-return the device-which they did, but the ELT itself was not the problem. I knew that that, but alas, was unable to communicate that to them. I just struggled through and eventually figured it out without them. My impression is that is what they want you to do. Actually what Artex should do is sell only to avionics shops.

James I
August 10, 2019

This is a replacement unit so I am in the process of installation. My impressions to date are that this is a solid product but there are a couple of things to be aware of: 1: the panel switch is significantly larger that my previous unit which means a panel modification not plug a play. 2: the unit comes with no wiring diagrams in the box you have to go to the web site an surf thru a 50 page document for the wiring diagram. 3: the antenna is atrocious there is no way I would put that on the exterior of my aircraft. Fortunately for me there is space under my Plex canopy that it will fit. 4: you need to be proficient in soldering din connectors.

Larry F
July 19, 2019

Michael S
June 11, 2019

This unit failed without warning while parked in my hanger. I was working on another aircraft when the ELT started going off. I could hear it from the small remote speaker. It was not possible to turn the signal off without removing the battery. It was not possible to remove the battery without removing the unit from the airplane. This required me to remove the antenna while it was transmitting. This is never good for anything that transmits over an antenna. It happened late at night so their tech support wasnt available to help and the manual was not helpful either. On the positive side Artex replaced the unit with no questions asked, but no explanation given either. During the RMA return, I had to wrestle with the issue of whether to send back the lithium battery so it had to go back ground and after declaring it, the post office gouged me more than a few bucks because it was labeled hazmat. The new unit went in like the old unit. Ive flown 20 hours in my experimental varieze in the ARMED position with it and no problems to report so far. Issues aside, I am willing to purchase another one because of the low price-point, but I remain concerned about the long term operational reliability of the unit. An OFF switch that turns it off would be useful, the regulations restricting the addition of an off switch are wrong and should be changed (only has ARM, ON and TEST positions)

Israel B
May 8, 2019

This is a nice ELT at a good price with good features that I needed. The problem I have with the ELT is that it comes with a whip antenna that is practically impossible to mount on an RV8 due to the sliding canopy. There should be another option for an antenna other then the whip antenna such as a rubber ducky that could fit better but still transmit an emergency signal well.

July 7, 2018

I looked at the ACK-04, but decided against it because they use 3 different batteries that have to be replaced on a schedule (Main battery, battery for the tones, and another for the switch in the panel). For slightly more, this one has just one battery replaced every six years and is easy to install. The antenna is a draw back. It stands straight up and has fairly thick base. I wish they had swept it back like ACK did with theirs.

Eric J
April 20, 2018

This unit is well priced and the a/p shop I use has had good experience with them. However, they failed to warn me how poor the antenna will look. Looks more at home on an school bus or motor-home than an aircraft. ARTEX makes an aircraft worthy antenna for their next higher cost models. They recommend getting the ARTEX 1000 model that comes with the antenna that looks like it was made for an aircraft. The aircraft-like antenna is sold separately however, ARTEX support advised a DER would be needed to use it on the 345. That cost may override the cost of the 1000. So it is a send back and do what ARTEX likely hopes you would do - buy the higher cost unit.

Robert B
February 16, 2018


Q: What is included with the ARTEX ELT 345 GPS/406/121.5? I need complete new install kit (antenna, coax to antenna, remote, harness from remote to ELT, mounting rack, etc.).

The Artex ELT 345 is a complete install kit. The only material not supplied is the two wires required between the ELT and the remote switch.

Q: Where does the Artex ELT 345 get the GPS data? Does it have its own internal receiver?

The ELT 345 requires connection to an external GPS source to receive GPS data.

Q: Can this Artex ELT 345 use the phone-type cable already installed between ELT and switch in my plane?

No, the Artex 345 ELT uses a D-Sub connector and requires two wires from the ELT to the remote switch.

Q: Will this Artex ELT 345 provide SARSAT beacon on 406 MHz without a GPS input?

Yes, the GPS input only allows for more precise location information.

Q: What is the maximum airspeed for the antenna that included in the kit?

The whip antenna included with this 345 ELT antenna is rated for aircraft up to 250 Knots.

Q: Are you shipping the ELT 345 programmed? According to the IM, it needs to be configured with the aircraft tail number and the intended NAV system interface prior to installation.

Yes, the USA models are programmed according to cospas-sarsat information. You are responsible to register the ELT with your tail number and contact information. Directions for registration are included.

Q: I have an ARETX 200 presently installed, what changes will I have to make to install the ELT345? I know the antenna is different, will I need to change the mounting plate, the remote switch and cabling to the switch?

Yes, the ELT 345 will require all new parts to be installed.

Q: What is the replacement battery for the ARTEX ELT 345?

We have created the part number for the replacement battery for the ELT 345, it is 11-14134. See the 'Accessories' tab on the web page for current pricing and to add to your cart.

Q: What is the battery replacement time interval for the Artex ELT 345?

The Artex ELT 345 has a 6 year lithium battery.

Q: How many wires are required to receive the GPS data for more accuracy?

A single shielded wire provides GPS data from a panel mount GPS source. For portable, please contact sales for a special order quote.

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