BF Goodrich Icex II For De-Icers - Quart

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Part# 09-42530


Icex coating boosts your de-icer performance so you fly with greater confidence with icex coating helping your de- icers shed ice at peak efficiency. Icex coating chemically bonds with rubber de-icer surfaces and forms a slick film that makes de-icers slippery which lowers the adhesive bond between ice and de-icer surfaces so your de-icers break the frigid grip of ice better and faster!

Icex coating is easy to apply and economical, too. A single application provides 50 flight hours of added ice fighting protection on leading edge de-icers and 15 flight hours of protection on prop de-icers. Get Icex coating in quart cans for an attractive uniform satin finish on your de-icers. One is enough to treat a complete single or twin-engine aircraft.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


  • Ice adhesion inhibitor that enhances de-icer performance
  • Apply every 50 flight hours during icing season
  • One quart covers approximately 400 sq. ft. (37 sq. m)




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Q: What is the shelf life on this BF Goodrich Icex II for De-Icers?

Per the supplier: This product does not have a dated shelf life.

Q: Is BF Goodrich Icex II conductive? I am looking for a product that is a de icer and is conductive.

ICEXII is not conductive. Using it on a de-icer does not prevent the de-icer material from being conductive.

Q: Can this be applied to a clean/dry boot, or is some type of pre-treatment required?

Please see our part number 09-42532 that can be used as a prep.

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