Heavy Duty Wing Walk Material 24 X 70 Inches

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Part# 05-11172
MFR Model# AW-680-24X70


Wing Walk; Military Grade Peel-and-Stick Non-Skid Safety Tape, Black approved for MIL-PRF-24667C type XI, NAVSEA Approval # 05S/2014-162 36 grit stands up to harsh environments, heavy traffic, equipment abrasions and extreme temperature changes.

Peel-and-stick application and easy removal, much easier than traditional non-skid products. Made in the USA. 24" x70"

Thickness: 0.057"


Just an update on this product because I like to be fair when credit is due. I gave this a terrible review and am still upset at how it turned out, but here are some facts. I let this material dry for over two days. It is NOT adhesive backed and you will need 3m 1300l to glue it on. Ignore the peel and stick part of the description. After the first day of use, I have not had any more of the abrasive come off the wing root. It is my belief that the 3m adhesive loosens the bond between the sand and the backing and that 48 hours is not enough for it all to dry. It appears that once dried, the wing walk holds up just fine as I have not had any more areas where the abrasive is coming loose.

Goodfriend A
June 14, 2021

I have used a heavy duty wingwalk material before, and thought that this was the same. It is not . The previous I bought from Dusters and Sprayers for a Stearman and it was great. I have a picture I wish I could post here of the FIRST time I stepped on this material after installation. 48hrs drying time. The black sand like material simply rolled off and left a black gasket like backing with the print of my shoe. 15 years restoring a cabin Waco and I get to figure out how to get this back off. Just a simple no on this stuff. Can you tell I am mad?

Goodfriend A
May 21, 2021


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Q: What adhesive is recommended for this?

We recommend the 3M brand 1300L for an adhesive.

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