A444 Amp Connector And 2 Pins

Part# 11-03700
MFR Model# 02-0230007-00


Replacement connector kits and assemblies for cables. A444 2 Position male connector with pins assembly.
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upon searching of the web site and catalog took me a bit of research and time to come up what I needed to order I was looking for a matching 2 pin male/female Molex like connector combination. When I order these it was sort of a blind order hoping that I would get what I was looking for. As it turns out I did order correct part(s) Even know Whelen Rep suggested that I use their Molex nylon type connectors I am not a big fan for this application.

May 20, 2019

These are way too expensive.

Moon S Verified Purchase


October 30, 2021


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Q: Is this the male and female ends?

No, part number 11-03700 is only the male end. For the female end, see part number 11-03702.

Q: Will the 11-03700, and 11-03702 connect together? Also, where do I get the crimper and pin insertion/extraction tool for this connector?

Yes, they will connect. The crimp tool is part number 11-07708. We do not have an extraction tool.

Q: What is the pin size on this one?

.083", they are standard molex pins.

Q: What maximum wire gauge will these support?

14ga is the max.

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