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Model Number Volts Amps/ Watts Description Part Number Price Buy
10 to 30VDC3 Watt - Super Bright
12-14VDC3 Watt - Super Bright
One Lighting Mode for Indicator Light
Dual Lighting Mode for Brake Light
10 to 30VDC3 Watt - Super Bright
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High-Output 3 Watt LED navigation light bulbs.

LED retro-fit for older Grimes navigation lights. Glass-covered, protected dome.
Models: 1156, 1157 and 1076
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Easy install, super bright. You will certainly be seen at night!!!

November 9, 2020

Worked feat. Very bright!

Les H
October 13, 2020

Fit and worked great . Very bright with less amps ! Tried to order just green light for right wing but sales associate said I had to buy green and red as a pair even though in the text it says you can order the red or green individually for replacement .

December 12, 2019

Purchased two of these LED Lamps to replace the courtsey lamps underneath the wings of a Cessna 172P with 24 volt system. Great improvement over the incandescent bulbs and easy install.

Mark B
November 11, 2019

This bulb is very bright, but consumes very little electricity. The price is low, also.

Sydney C
August 22, 2019

Great, works, bright, and mechanic says minor alteration much brighter than standard

Richard F
February 10, 2019

Appears to be brighter than the incandescent bulb it replaced, at much lower current draw.

David F
January 14, 2019

so far so good

Ron F
November 24, 2018

Installed these last week and so far I love them! Huge improvement over the old GE bulbs.

Faron F
November 12, 2018

Couldnt use it as it has two contacts on the bottom.....not like the picture.

John A
August 17, 2020


Q: The product sheet indicates this bulb comes in a variety of bases (1156 or 1157). Which one are you selling? The shopping cart does not give one the ability to select the appropriate base. Thanks

This item, part number 13-15810, is a 1156 base.

Q: Can this bulb be used as a replacement bulb in a certified aircraft (Champion 7EC)? More specifically, does it need FAA approval?

Per the manufacturer: The FAA does not require the light bulbs to be certified. Yes this can be used in a certified aircraft.

Q: Can this bulb be used as a replacement for the bulb utilized in the anti collision red lens beacon light being powered with a power supply?

This will depend on your assembly. This bulb is universal so it does not have a specific application although it is mainly used as a nav light bulb it also can be used for various applications.

Q: What kind of warranty, if any, do these bulbs have? Specifically PN 13-15810?

No manufacturer's warranty is included with these bulbs. They are covered under our blanket 30 day return policy.

Q: Is the light from the bulb blocked by the scalloped bracket on the Cessna 172 tail light? Or does the light transmit straight rearward as an incandesant bulb?

It will have the same pattern as an incandescent bulb.

Q: Can these bulbs be used under the red and green lens covers?

Yes, they can but they may not be as bright. With LEDs, you either want a color bulb with a clear lens or the same color bulb and lens.

Q: What is the brightness output in lumens rating for each bulb?

These are rated at 300 lumens.

Q: Are these bulbs white light only or do they come in red and green since they are advertised as navigation light bulbs? Also 1157 indicates dual lighting for brake light. Do aircraft have brake lights? Thanks.

The bulbs emit white light and they are designed to be used under red/green lenses. These are not certified, and are for experimental aircraft. They also have automotive applications(ref brake lights) but some aircraft light assemblies do use the dual element bulbs.

Q: Replacing the Grimes 1512 incandescent bulb. Do I need the 1156 base?

Yes, that is correct.

Q: Which LED bulb replacea a GE 1777?

See Part number 11-11371.

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