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Upgrade your Indicating, Position, or Recognition lights to LED's.

These lamps fit standard S.C. Bayonet Indexed Base Sockets (Bay15S). Converts common Incandescent Lamps to LED Lighting without modifications.

It's simple! Just replace your old incandescent bulbs with the new LED Lamps where acceptable. (Use a new clear plastic lens for maximum brightness) and you are ready to go.

Our 15mm (Bay15S) Lamps are available in 12 & 24vdc, Red, Green, and non-indexed Clear. They last longer, run cooler, and draw less than .15amps.

Not PMA'd.

Note: This bulb is a standard 75/12 replacement for any Grimes, Whelen, AeroFlash Wing Tip Light Assembly.

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Outstanding !! Brilliant light output, Pure Red.... Plug and Play... Less load on the battery/alternator.

Mike V
March 12, 2020

This fits just fine in the industry standard Grimes tail light fixture and is plenty bright enough. As an IA I also consider this a minor alteration so it is plug and play.

Vernon C
November 21, 2019

1.3hrs, still shining!

August 27, 2019

I bought these to replace another brand of LED lights that were causing problems with my radio. They are very bright and do not cause any static over my radio. I bought both wingtip lights and the white tail light. So far they are great. i run them all the time.

Joe F
February 26, 2019

Everything was easy to replace, cover and bulbs. We ordered the red lens to replace a missing lens cover, but the main reason for the red and green led bulbs was this: We display a non-flying 1968 UH-1H Huey to the public which is on a trailer. Our problem was that kids would put their hands on the operating lower incandescent bulb position lights which, even on flash, get quite hot. The leds remain cool and their little hands are safe. The reachable upper ones are still incandescent and we are saving our donated nickles to replace them.

Bill J
January 21, 2019

No complaints from me. Installation was fast and easy, and the bulb works as advertised. There simply is no comparison in brightness between this and the old incandescent bulb. Hint - for even greater brightness, get the clear lens. Makes a world of difference.

January 2, 2019

Hello All, I have these installed on my J3C-85-8 , with a Basic BT-14 wind driven alternator with an EarthX battery installed for radio. in Grimes Model B wing tip light mounts.. And they fit, ln the old style reflector ) and put out a very crisp highly visible light that is brighter than an incandescent #93 But when turned off, with the R&G colored dome lenses, the LED are not readily seen so if someone is looking at them, there is no telling that they are not old type bulbs. Great product, and reasonably priced too.

November 17, 2018

Nice and nirigyt fit like to originals!

Sean K
November 5, 2018

Brighter and more vibrant than the stock bulbs in both day and night conditions. Easy install, lowering my amp draw

James T
September 8, 2018

Bright, clean, easy! Use the clear lenses, you will not be unhappy.

March 26, 2018


Q: Will this bulb fit for a Grimes 1512 bulb?

The LED base has the same dimensions as the 1512 bulb. It should work just fine.

Q: Any problems with it passing annual since it says non-PMA?

This product will not cause a problem passing annual.

Q: As this LED nav light is non-PMA'd do I need an STC?

This product is not certified (TSO'd) or PMA'd and so you cannot get an STC for it. If installing on a certified aircraft you will have to obtain a FAA field approval (337 form) as this part is intended for experimental aircraft only.

Q: Will the tail lamp 11-07748 (LED75TPL-12V) replace GE1156? What is the Lumen output of 11-07748 (LED75TPL-12V)? What is the Lumen output of the 11-07744 and 11-07745 (LED7512-12V)?

Yes, 11-07748 will replace GE1156. Regarding the Lumen output, the FAA requires light output be measured (in foot candles). The tail lights (11-07748) require only 20 foot candles output. The wing tip Red & Green require 40 foot candles min. @ 0 degrees. To convert foot candles to Lumens: Lumens per square foot = foot candles multiply by (1). It is a (one to one) to foot candles which says that 20FC = 20 lumens per SQ foot (Taillight). 40FC = 40 lumens per Sq. Ft., (Red & Green wing tips).

Q: I think the prev answer is not quite right. A lumen(lm) is a measure of light flux. If that 1 lumen of flux is concentrated in a cone of 1 steradian, the intensity will be 1 candle power (now renamed candela). There are 4pi steradians in a sphere, so the conversion is 12.5 lumen = 1 candlepower. LEDs are spec'ed in lumens but aviation product should be spec'ed in the more meaningful candela or candlepower as in the regs.

This was the answer we received from the manufacturer. As a distributor only of this product, we cannot say for sure one way or the other as we do not have technical proficiency in these lights.

Q: Will this bulb fit for a GE-1141 bulb?

Per the supplier: No, it will not fit in the same socket.

Q: What is the current draw in amperes of these bulbs at 12v nominal?

Per the supplier: it is less than 0.2 amps.

Q: Is this the complete lamp like I see in the pictures, or only bulb?

This bulb is a standard 75/12 replacement for any Grimes, Whelen, AeroFlash Wing Tip Light Assembly.

Q: Will these replace Whelen PN: W1290-14 lamps?

Per the manufacturer, The LED replacement lamp will fit and work as a replacement for the Whelen lamp. Please keep in mind that for the FAA, it is currently not an approved PMA'd lamp.

Q: Will this fit the Whelen A555A series strobe/tail position light that uses a pn#11-03216 halogen replacemnet bulb?

The PSA Enterprises LED replacement Lamp has not been tested to fit inside the Whelen A555A series light by either manufactuerer and is not recomended as the PSA lamp is not PMA'd and the A555A is FAA TSO'd.

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