Lonestar Filter 100 Amp FAA / PMA

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Part# 11-04850
MFR Model# LS03-01022


Lone Star Aviation’s 100 amp filter (FEED THRU) (Fail Safe Design) attenuates both low and high frequency, (10hz to 30 mhz) of EMI-RFI noise generated from the aircraft’s alternator systems to the aircraft’s dc buss. This noise interference travels from the a/c buss to critical on board GPS navigation, RF, audio, storm scope systems. This filter, (100 amp Fail Safe design) is used by OEM aircraft manufacturers to attenuate 100% of the on board noise before it penetrates the aircraft’s dc buss. The filter is FAA- PMA pending for certificated aircraft but can be used on experimental aircraft

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


No whining radio anymore. But there was two broken wires from the stator which was then replaced - maybe that was the reason! :-) This filter is a bit pricy!

Thomas S
October 24, 2019


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Q: Is this unit FAA/PMA now seeing the website for the manufacture says that it is?

Yes, this filter is FAA / PMA.

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