Got Your Six Aviation 24V To 12V Converter / Step Down Transformer

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Part# 11-12192
MFR Model# GY6-24VTO12V


The perfect low-cost 24v to 12v transformer for your 24 volt system aircraft. Run ANY device up to 5 AMPS total current draw. Use this in your experimental to drive a 12V cigarette lighter,12v iPad, our 12v LED Cockpit Lighting System, or our 12v LED Strobe Landing Lights.

Fits in the palm of your hand - it only weights 2 oz!Rated at 60 Watts, this converter is EASY to wire - Just provide 24volts positive to the RED line, Ground both black wires, and 12 Volts will flow OUT of the YELLOW wire. Simple as that! The cheapest 24v converter on the market!

Technical Specifications:
  • Box dimensions: 1-3/4" X 1-1/4" X 3/4" (45mm x 32mm x 18mm)
  • Mounting hole spacing: 2-1/8" (55mm)
  • Wire Lead Length: 5" (130mm)
  • Input voltage: 15V-35V max
  • Voltage regulation: 2%
  • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
  • Operating Temperature: -40c to +85c
  • Voltage regulation: 2%
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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March 29, 2022


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Q: Any ability to run this pilot 24V to 12v converter in reverse? i.e. 12VDC to 24VDC?

Per the supplier: No. This is a one-way converter. Steps down from 24V to 12V only.

Q: Are these 24v to 12v converters FAA approved for use in certificated aircraft?

Per the supplier: No, these are NOT FAA Approved.

Q: Just to make sure, this unit will convert 24 VDC to 12 VDC?

That is correct. It is 24VDC converted down to 12VDC.

Q: Is there an install manual for this crazedpilot 24 to 12v converter? How do I hook it up correctly.

There is not an installation manual or wiring diagram available. You need to provide 24 volts positive to the red line, ground both black wires and 12 volts will flow out of the yellow wire.

Q: How Do you provide 24v volts to only the red line, when the 24v supply 2 wires? Is 24v suppose to go to the red and and 1 black and 12V to the other yellow and black?

Its labeled when you get the product, but 24v goes in the RED and your choice of black wire. Black is a common ground. Yellow then outputs the 12v as stated, again use either ground for the output.

Q: Can I use it for transforming 12V to 24V?

No, this is step down only. It does not step up.

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