Whelen Connect Cable A417-1

Part# 11-03658
MFR Model# 46-0350635-00


Whelen Connect Cable A417-1 for Whelen Strobe System.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Worked well for my rewire job

Michael T Verified Purchase


August 3, 2021

The description should get a zero stars rating the 5 star rating is for the A417-1 strobe cable that one actually receives. The description is confused with p/n 11-08280 cable, which the A417-1 is not. The A417-1 cable is the same cable as used in the precut length Installation Cable Kits for which p/n 11-04204 is an example. The difference is you can purchase the A417-1 by the foot and comes with no connector pins etc. The picture of the cable re p/n 11-04204 is what you get. It is three conductor 16 AWG stranded wire with red, black and white insulation. There is also a fourth conductor what is called a drain conductor - that is the little silver non insulated wire in the jpg re p/n 11-04204 and is probably 22 gauge. The is also a aluminum foil shield wrapped around all four conductors under the very tough grey pvc exterior cable jacket. The exterior jacket is marked MW 13860 every foot along the sheath. Whelen regards 16 AWG as a minimum for aircraft for ground vehicles, thinner 18AWG is considered OK and hence more common.

Bruce B
May 24, 2021


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Q: How many wires/conductors? My Whelen strobes have four... white, black, red, and yellow.

This is a 3 conductor, 18 AWG wire.

Q: Is this shielded cable? Is this the same cable as included in the Whelan cable installation kits (which says 16ga shielded, maybe a typo on one of them)?

Yes this is the same 18ga wire that comes in the the install kits.

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