Thixo Synthetic Aviaton Grease - 400 Gram Tube

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Part# 08-13830
MFR Model# 3820-3


ThixO SYN Aviation Grease: A high performance synthetic extreme temperature grease using overbased calcium sulphonate thickener and advanced lubricant chemistry. Specifically designed for aviation applications. ThixO SYN Aviation Grease is a specialty lubricant designed for specific aviation applications including helicopter rotor shafts, splines and hub assemblies for the Bell 206A, 206B and 206 L Models.

Combining the unique properties of PAO synthetic base oil, advanced EP/AW chemistry with the unique properties of an overbased calcium sulphonate thickener. The low oil separation rate of ThixO SYN Aviation Grease facilitates the use of a high index low viscosity base oil over traditional grease formulations reducing starting and running torque. Advanced EP/AW chemistry provides superior high load and extreme pressure protection to over 1.4 GPa without the use of solid lubricants such as molybdenum compounds. This unique chemistry provides excellent low temperature pumpability and superior stability at high temperatures and has a dropping point >300 C. ThixO SYN Aviation Grease's multipurpose use reduces friction and lubricates rolling element bearings under high speed conditions and superior performance in heavily loaded sliding mechanisms. Consistency is an NLGI #2 grade


  • Meets or exceeds the specifications of NLGI GC-LB
  • Bell Consumable Ref Listing C-172
  • Meets or exceeds the MIL-PRF-24139 mulitpurpose water resistant grease specification
  • Over 20x more water resistance than many conventional lithium greases
  • Highly compatible with other grease types
  • Broad operating temperature range (-40C to 300C)
  • Exceptional Rust and Corrosion prevention
  • High shear stability and exceptionally low oil separation
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Typically reduces grease consumption or lengthens greasing intervals
  • Reduce downtime and catastrophic failure
  • Highly resistant to shock loading, performs in high speed and low speed bearing under all types of loads
  • Does not bleed or age harden
  • Contains no solid lubricants (MoS2, Zinc, Graphite, PTFE etc.)

Recommended Usage

  • ThixO SYN Aviation Grease provides excellent performance in high and low speed bearings, precision bearings, in wet and corrosive environments, and at extreme high and low temperatures. Base oil does not separate (less than 0.2% loss following ASTM D1742). Performance specifications are superior to most conventional lithium or polyurea based market greases.


  • ThixO SYN Aviation Grease is for use in aviation applications as specified by the manufacturer. Follow all maintenance requirements as designated. Avoid contamination of ThixO SYN Aviation Grease with other grease types.

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  • 400 GR TUBE
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Packaged well came in a timely manor

John V
February 23, 2020


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