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ASL CamGuard is a comprehensive additive package formulated to supplement specific functions in a wide variety of motor oils. It was designed to dramatically improve the performance of all mineral based , semi-synthetic and fully synthetic motor oils in the areas of corrosion protection, wear reduction, and seal protection.

Camguard is an advanced oil supplement designed to give regular engine oil what it needs to protect and lubricate any engine. Camguard is a synergistic blend of advanced oil additives from all over the world, designed to reduce wear, curb deposit formation and more importantly protect engines against rust and corrosion. It contains multiple corrosion inhibitors for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A combination of ashless anti-wear compounds, anti-oxidants designed to reduce carbon deposits and special seal conditioners to prevent oil weeping. Camguard is FAA accepted and approved for use in piston engine aircraft oils meeting SAE-1899 standards. Camguard is compatible with piston aircraft oils, passenger car motor oils, most marine oils, and heavy-duty diesel oils.


  • FAA accepted
  • Fights rust & corrosion
  • Vastly reduces engine deposits
  • Provides extreme pressure and anti-wear protection
  • Conditions engine seals for extended life


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Hands down, best and cheapest insurance policy to maintain engine longevity on an engine that is owner-flown. A flight schools plane sees regular use and wouldnt benefit from this. But if you fly once a week or less, YOU NEED TO USE THIS. I run this in addition to the AD-required LW16702 Lycoming Additive for my C172N O-320-H2AD engine. Some say its a waste and Im paying twice for protection - but the LW16702 is anti-scuff. Cam Guard keeps the oil on critical surfaces (cam lobes and bearings, tappets, cylinder walls) longer to help keep corrosion at bay.

Nathan M
May 11, 2020

I have used this product for a long time and I believe it aids in reducing lifter ware and pitting in engines that are used infrequently.

John R
January 6, 2020

Have read only good reviews about this product. First time user.

Malcolm H
December 28, 2019

Great product......

December 7, 2019

Fast convenient service

Dana K
November 29, 2019

Good stuff

Island A
October 13, 2019

A must use oil additive on all aircraft oil changes!

Joseph M
September 6, 2019

Can buy this product from Spruce cheaper and have it delivered faster than I can from my own country (Australia). It takes 4 days to get from your door to mine - Australia Post couldnt deliver it from the next suburb to me in that time. Thats one reason why I keep coming back.

Bruce N
September 5, 2019

Camguard is a great product that checks out with EVERYONE you talk to about it. I dont change the oil in my IO-540 without adding a pint at each change. Just be careful not to order more than you plan on using in a years time frame as it has an expiration date printed on each bottle.

September 4, 2019

Works as advertised. My engine is at TBO and Im using this as some added protection, which has been corroborated by my mechanic who says its still a healthy engine.

Jesse K
August 23, 2019


Q: How much CamGuard do I use per oil change? I use AeroShell mineral. Thanks.

Per the manufacturer, one pint of CamGuard will serve 8-10 quart sump for the change.

Q: Is there a shelf life for Camguard aviation oil additive?

Per the supplier: The shelf life is indefinite.

Q: Is CamGuard safe to use in 15W-50 oil? I understand 15w50 has additives blended in and I dont want to add camguard if doing so would have adverse affects. Thank you

Per the supplier: Yes. CamGuard is perfectly safe to use with 15W-50 oil.

Q: I have a 12 quart sump, what is the correct amount of Camgaurd to use at oil change?

The correct ratio is 1.6 oz of Camguard per quart. So for 12 quarts, you would need 19.2 oz.

Q: Just had the annual done on my 1976 C182P. Oil change with 10 qts added out of 12 available in sump. Have only done two high speed taxis since the annual. Can I add Camguard at this time?

It is recommended to add Camguard during each oil change. You would add 1.6 ounces of Camguard Aviation with each quart of makeup oil between oil changes.

Q: Does CamGuard retard break-in or cause it to cease if used during new engine break-in period?

Camguard is made NOT to be used during the break-in period of a new engine.

Q: Can CamGuard be used with Aeroshell 15W-50 oil which already has additives?

Yes, this can be used with 15W-50.

Q: Can and should Camguard be used with PHILLIPS 66 X/C AVIATION OIL 20W50?

Yes, this is one of the preferred oils that Camguard recommends mixing this with.

Q: I just changed my oil (8 qtrs). Do I just add it on top of the new oil? Is it ok to add it even if the new oil has a couple of hours?

Per Camguard: You would need to discuss this with the engine manufacturer or your A&P for this information.

Q: Is it safe to use Camguard with Aeroshell W100PLUS?

Yes it is safe but it will not do any better with the camguard as the W100plus already has an additive IN it.

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