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Metal Check Oil Analysis Kit includes 1 test kit, all lab work and pre-paid USPS Postal shipping back to the lab for each kit. This oil analysis kit is used for determination of the condition of oil wetted engine parts, even on the first sample.

Not applicable for hydraulic fluid.
  • The analysis is completed in 24 hours - abnormal results are communicated immediately.
  • AV Lab has the largest results database for every engine model, which has allowed us to develop accurate interpretive guidelines.
  • AV Lab has the most experienced analytical staff in the industry.
  • Available in two versions: with return postage included and without return postage included to fit your needs!
  • AV Lab is recommended or authorized by most engine manufacturers.
  • The kit is excellent for pre-purchase inspection.
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Brian E
November 17, 2018

Great easy health check on your engine. Gives you a heads up when your engine is starting to eat itself. I donât know why it is not a required part of every engine condition inspection.

October 30, 2018

convenient, great service. I use on every oil change.

October 14, 2018

Warning! Contains a Plastic Straw! May not be legal in your jurisdiction. But really this is a solid oil sample kit. Just make sure to take a sample mid drain. Oil analysis is great for establishing Trend Monitoring, meaning you have to sample at every oil change, not just once in a while.

Vulcan A
August 20, 2018

Easy to use, the straw is to collect oil , not for drinking. Great way to see if you are going to need to start saving for a repair. the oil kit is great

August 16, 2018

If you want your sample reading returned sooner send it first class or priority mail. If you use the postage paid it will take much longer. Using First Class mail, I usually get my samples results within a week.

April 28, 2018

Great company. Great product. Metal Check has been used on my O-360 from first oil change at 25 hours to most recent at 2035 hours. Oil changes are at 50 hour intervals. Excellent product, technical support and timely turnaround.

Larry H
April 2, 2018

To no fault of aircraft spruce, the prepaid postage of this product is a joke. I could have walked the sample to the lab quicker than it took the apparent combination of USPS and FedEX. Samples were shipped on a Wednesday didnt showing tracking until that Friday. Checked the following week for delivery status and showed not to be delivered until the following Friday. Checked the Monday after and now showed delivery not going to be until Thursday. Thats 2 weeks and 1 day to ship from Oklahoma to Louisiana. DONT DO THE PREPAID POSTAGE!!!!!!!!! Other than that its a valuable tool for trending engine conditions and wear.

Scott M
March 6, 2018

Used prepaid postage version. Took 4 weeks for them to get it, and didnt have a tracking number so I had given up on it. Finally I received the results but since it was the first sample I submitted I had nothing to compare them to so it meant absolutely nothing to me. They didnt offer me any Normal numbers for comparison. So at least next time Ill have a comparison.

Brian S
February 24, 2018

Kit is fine but it takes 3 weeks to get results. Next time I will get the option with no return postage and ship at the post office.

Frank L
December 1, 2017


Q: Does the "return postage included" version include the return shipping from Canada?

No, this version includes the return US postage. It will only cover shipments from the USA. We recommend international customers, including Canada, use the "Return Postage NOT Included" version since they will need to take care of the return postage themselves.

Q: Can this Metal Check Engine Oil Analysis kit be used for turbine engines, transmissions, gearboxes, and hydraulic systems?

Per the supplier: Yes, for everything but hydraulic systems. For hydraulic systems, use our part number 08-13479.

Q: Are the results of the metal check engine oil analysis kit emailed or send them USPS

Once it is sent in, the owner can log in to their web site and get the results.

Q: Regarding the kit with return postage, is that through FedEx?

The return postage kit would go through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Q: If you need two kits for a twin, can you mail both samples back in one prepaid return envelope?

Per the supplier: No, this is not recommended as it will cause a confusion in the testing lab. Please ship both samples separately.

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