Metal Check Engine Oil & Oil Filter Analysis Kit

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Part# 08-06270


Metal Check Engine Oil & Oil Filter Analysis Test Kit
Wear metal analysis kit for both engine oil and oil filter debris. Can be used for both Turbine and Piston engines. Oil filter debris analysis should be part of all preventative maintenance programs. Piston engines generate fine wear and larger particles as the wear becomes more critical. Filter analysis is critical for turbine engines because they generate predominately larger wear particles that are trapped by small micron filtration. The oil filter is rinsed and the exact alloys presents in the debris are determined by SEM/EDXRF. The AMS number, amount, type, form, and condition of the particles are reported.

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  • Largest Oil Analysis Results Database
  • The Most Accurate Interpretive Results Guidelines
  • The Most Experienced staff
  • Recommended, Approved, or Authorized by Engine Manufacturers.
  • 24 Hour a Day Service Available 7 Days a Week
  • Filter Debris Analysis and Alloy Determination Using Scanning Electron Microscopy Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence SEM/EDXRF
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Q: Regarding the METAL CHECK ENGINE OIL & OIL FILTER ANALYSIS KIT: Does the analysis report include a comparison with 'normal' parameters?

Per the supplier: Yes. It reports two perspectives. 1) the current result compared to all the previous samples we have on that engine and 2) we compare the sample to our database of thousands of samples with the same model engine with similar hours.

Q: Are shipping materials and postage included?

No, this product, part # 08-06270 is the analysis kit only, no postage included.

Q: What is the recommended mode of shipping considering that liquid, volatile liquid at that, is being shipped?

The vendor recommends either FedEx or UPS, Ground or Air, just make sure you keep the tracking info.

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