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Part# 05-11913


This complete kit is designed to be a direct installation in the RV-12 aircraft and is adaptable to any aircraft utilizing the Rotax 912 Engine.

Installation Manual


  • Dramatically Reduce warmup times on your 912 engine (Click for more info)
  • Maintain oil temperature on reduced power descents. (Click for more info)
  • Thermostasis Inflight Graph (This is the 205 degree model. The recommended 190 degree model.
  • Built with conductive Teflon™ hoses with stainless steel fittings on the ends. These are the best quality hoses you can find and a “lifetime” warranty on them.
  • Designed to work with or without our 912 Fuel Hose Retrofit Kit
  • Hoses have continuous rated working pressures of 2000 psi. Every hose is pressure tested. This provides a HUGE safety margin.
  • All AN adapter fittings are included
  • Offered is this kit with or without the 190 degree thermostasis unit that is recommended for the Rotax 912 engine.
  • Step by step install manual included for RV-12 E-LSA installations. This kit is also adaptable to other Rotax 912 installations.
  • Lightweight and flexible hoses with superior tightly conforming firesleeve results in a lighter, stronger, and more flexible hose installation.


  • Greatly reduce warmup times on your engine. Field testing has shown that in conditions of 30 degrees F, warmup times were reduced from 11 minutes to 6 minutes
  • Inflight testing has shown that without this kit, oil temperatures have dropped as low as 122 degrees in a long descent. Under the same ambient conditions, these temperatures were in the 190 degree range.
  • These hoses have NO MANDATORY 5 YEAR HOSE REPLACEMENT – Being Conductive Teflon™, these hoses have no maximum rated life. They don't deteriorate like the standard Rotax hoses do, and are also impervious to most fluids.
  • EVERY hose on this kit is pressure tested to ensure strength and conformity. In addition, these hoses are designed to operate under continuous loads of 2,000 psi every day all day long. This ensures an unprecedented safety margin in your aircraft.
  • 10 YEAR INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY on your hoses. If you have ANY problems in your first 10 years, get it replaced at no charge.
  • Included is a complete instruction manual with step by step installation pictures for installation simplicity.