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Tempest AA48103-2 Spin-EZ Oil Filter.

Whatís Tempestís recommendation for dealing with stuck oil filters? At your next filter change - UPGRADE to Tempestís patent-pending ďnon-stickingĒ SPIN EZô aircraft engine oil filters.

Tempestís SPIN EZ filters are designed to come off easy. Heat, time and pressure can extrude oil, grease, DC4ģ compound or similar liquid lubricants from between a filterís rubber seal and the filter mount pad - leaving the filter seemingly ďbondedĒ to the engineís mount pad - and making it nearly impossible to remove. Tempestís proprietary SPIN EZ adhered solid seal lubricant stays where itís supposed to - between the seal and the mount padís surface. SPIN EZ solid lubricant wonít extrude or squirt out from under the seal. It prevents the bond forming environment that makes legacy filters stick.

Avoid frustration. Save time and money. No more messy DC-4 compound. No more stabbed cans. At your next filter change, UPGRADE to state-of-the-art Tempest SPIN EZ oil filters - the filter that comes off without a fight!


Product Specifications
  • OEM Supplier to Robinson TCM
  • Full Can Thickness: .019"
  • Base Plate Thickness: .187"
  • Burst Pressure: 700 psi
  • Media Size for -2 Filters (48103-2,48108-2, 48110-2): 311 sq. in
  • Media Size for Tall Filters (48104, 48109, 48111): 460 sq. in.

Filter Model Overall Dimensions (Nominal) Thread Size & Type Installation Torque
AA48103-2 4 3/8 H X 3 3/4 Dia. 13/16-16 Female Thread 16-18 Ft Lbs


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Timely done

Dan D
April 30, 2021

yeour usual good service,keepupthe good work

Gerald H
December 28, 2020

Exactly what I needed, arrived in a timely manner

Jim S
October 19, 2020

Regular order.

Charles S
September 5, 2020


Paul A
June 22, 2020

I originally ordered oil and a filter and the order had to be split based on inventory. Unfortunately during the Christmas chaos the filter package got lost. I called customer service and they quickly helped me by shipping out another filter. Many thanks to all who turned my minor stress event into a no brainer.

Mike A
January 9, 2020

Good filter, and now you dont even need to put compound on the gasket.

November 26, 2019

Been using them for a long time. Seem to perform well.

Ed D
July 27, 2019

I ordered 2 cases of oil, a wrench, and a safety wire pliers. I’m still waiting for the oil and the pliers. The filter is fine but without the other items I’m limited. The wrench came in a couple of days after the filter. I’m still in need of the oil and pliers.

September 22, 2020


Q: What is the -2 at the end? I use the 48103, is this the same?

Yes, the -2 is simply a Tempest designation. This is designed to be used in the exact same applications as the Champion CH48103-1 or any 48103 filter.

Q: Is this interchangeable with the 48108?

Both the 48108 and 48103 filters have female threads, however, the thread sizes are different and the applications are different.

Q: is the AA48103-2 the same as the AA48103-1?

Yes, the application for both filters is the same.

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