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Part# 05-15249


The Turbo Heat is an improved version of the standard Experimental Cabin Heat Muff. Each canister is made from industrial grade .063 aluminum tubes with .125 6061T-6 aluminum end caps laser cut, welded and then machined to exact tolerance for ease of installation and a vibration free fit. Internally, each canister is fitted with 10 aluminum rods surrounded by copper windings for superior heat transfer.

The standard model is 8 in. in length with 2 in. intake and exhaust tubes. The end caps are machined specifically for the diameter of your engine’s exhaust manifold. Please select your port exhaust diameter at checkout of 1.5 in, 1.75 in, or 2.0 in.

Custom Length:
The length of the canister can be increased beyond the standard 8 inches. Please select the additional length option upon checkout and add the number of additional inches for your unit.

The Restrictor:
Most Heat Muffs on the market today come with restrictor holes pre-drilled in the canister body; a one size fits all concept. The Turbo Heat has a removable restrictor which fits into the warm air (exit side) of the canister. By progressively enlarging the holes you are able to modify the flow of air through the Heat Muff essentially fine tuning the heat vs. airflow requirements for the type of aircraft that you constructed.


  • 30%-50% more efficient due to the internal copper coils
  • Removable restrictor that can be adjusted (drilled out) to balance heat/airflow
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Low profile-outside diameter of canister is only 1 in. greater than diameter of exhaust tube
  • End caps are machined specifically for the size of the exhaust tube-providing a more secure fit
  • Ease of assembly-tools needed (one screwdriver); time to install (5 min.)
  • Wt. 18oz.



Outstanding product and customer support! More compact, easier to install, and more heat than my old muff. I also required custom placement of the inflow and outflow ports (one angled!)--Dave was super-easy to work with and got mine delivered in days...not weeks! You cant beat this heat muff worth every penny.

Billy B
March 1, 2020

Incredible device that produces considerably more heat than the stock Vans component. Installed on my RV-7 and could not be more satisfied!!

Seth M
February 25, 2020

I installed this heater in my Lancair ES Super recently and Im extremely happy. I like the reduction of usable space and I finally have usable heat in the cabin. LOVE IT!

May 28, 2019

Super easy install, very well made, and good install instructions. Gave me cabin heat and plenty of it.

Darin F
March 24, 2019

This device does as advertised. Living in Northern Vermont and flying and RV-7A means you need the best possible cockpit heating system. Ive tested this muff several times now (at about 15 degrees Fahrenheit) and this new muff out performs my original. On an RV7 the standard issue muff is 8 in length. My exhaust pipe has room for 9 so I ordered the extra length. I also lightly packed a bit of stainless steel scrub pad between the inside tubes (instead of restricting the flow as recommended in the install instructions). Finally I connected the air flow to run counter to the exhaust flow direction. Im finally comfortable in my cockpit in January in Vermont using this new muff.

Elmer B
February 18, 2019

Im using this product on an RV8A, and the cabin heat improvement was quite impressive. Installation was simple and clean.

October 10, 2017

I am using this product on my home built Zenith Zodiac 601XLB, it has improved my cabin heat 100 %. It is an easy installation and I am totally pleased with my increased cabin heat.

September 22, 2017


Q: Am I correct in my understanding that the turbo cabin heat muff can also be made with the two protruding tubes mounted in an off-set pattern (one on top, the other underneath)?

Yes, our supplier does offer the opposed orientation (off-set) of the intake/heat exhaust tubes at no additional charge. Please let us know to add this to special notes on the order and it can be ordered for you.

Q: What is the standard lead time for a standard unit after order?

These will normally ship within 3-5 business days.

Q: Can the Turbo Heat cabin heat muff be made 6 inches long? Can it fit on a 1-3/8 inch exhaust tube?

Yes. These can be ordered in custom sizes. Please contact the sales department for pricing and lead time on your custom specifications.

Q: Is there a heater muff for a Glasair III?

This muff can work in a Glasair III.

Q: Does this TURBO HEAT CABIN MUFF work for the rotax 912 uls?

These are custom made, so you could spec it so that it would work with a 912.

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