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Model Application Part Number Price Buy
SK2003-14ACessna PN J7444-14. Used On - 67-On C150 (10ea), 67-86 C172 (11ea), C172XP (13ea) 68-78 C177 (14ea)
SK2003-24ACessna PN J7444-24. Used On - 73-86 C182 (14ea)
SK2003-42ACessna PN J7444-36 and -42. Used on -97, C172 R & S (14ea)
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The SK2003A Series Mounts were specifically designed around the latest generation Cessna/Lord J7444-42 Series Mount. The SK2003-14A, -24A, and -42A all have the same flex feature as the J7444-42.

Seeing is believing; The Skybolt product is a vast improvement in overall quality with the improved features integrated into each dash number. This brings the -14 and -24 up to the performance level of the -42. The Skybolt SK2003-14A, -24A, and -42A look and install exactly the same as the Cessna/Lord part it replaces using the same fastener length. The SK2003-14A, -24A, and -42A are fixed depth, Non-Adjustable Platemounts.


Cessna Part# J7444-14 Used On - 67-On C150 (10ea),
67-86 C172 (11ea), C172XP (13ea) 68-78 C177 (14ea)
Suggested Unit Weight
Skybolt Part# Description Suggested Fastener SK2003-14A J7444-14
SK2003-14A Southco 82-19-xxx-20 .0230Lb 10.4g .0310Lb 14.0g
Use with standard fasteners: (Length Varies)
82-19-120-20 Stainless Phillips Stud
82-19-140-20 Stainless Phillips Stud
82-32-201-20 Stainless Stud Retainer


Cessna Part# J7444-24 Used On - 73-86 C182 (14ea)
Suggested Unit Weight
Skybolt Part#
SK2003-24A Camloc or CLoc SK27S3 SK27S3-2S,3S,4S .0230Lb 10.4g .0310Lb 14.0g
Use with standard fasteners: (Length Varies)
SK27S3-2,3,4 Steel Phillips Stud
SK27S3-2S.3S,4S Stainless Phillips Stud
2600-SW Stainless Retainer


Click here to download the Application in PDF.
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These seem to be of better quality than the original Lord mounts. They hold the stud firmer and have a more positive feel when seating the fastener.

James C
July 1, 2020

You people have given me great service for many years Thank You

Dr. D
June 23, 2020

Great mount for saving cash as well as performing the task. Will purchase again.

North-scout A
December 19, 2019

The item was as described and was a perfect fit for the previous mount. I hope it lasts long.

Ray E
November 23, 2019

Easy to install

B. J
May 19, 2019

so far not on airplane yet but test fit to camloc seems OK

Dog B
May 10, 2019

Jose L
December 24, 2018

Better than the original Southco ones

Kenneth M
October 8, 2018

Great fit! Much better price than the OEM part as well.

Copaair M
April 30, 2014

I maintain several 172s used for training and the OEM mounts made by Lord are lucky to last 200 hours. I think they just use poor quality Rubber and they dont seem to get any better. I started using the skybolt mounts about 1 year ago and so far not one has broken so if that Trend continues, Id be willing to give it 5 stars!

Pat D
August 2, 2018


Q: Will the skybolt SK2003-14A Cessna Platemount serve as replacement firewall cowling mounts for a C150H? If so, what fasteners will I need to order to attach the cowling? Thank you.

The SK2003-14A is a firewall mount for Cessna C150G-M, '67-on, and use Southco Fasteners 82-19-120-20 or 82-19-140-20, depending on the length stud required.

Q: Are the Skybolt Cessna Platemounts FAA-PMA approved? Regarding SK2003-14A, SK2003-24A, and SK2003-42A.

Per the supplier: Yes, these are FAA Approved.

Q: Are these sold individually or as a complete kit? I.E. in a QTY of 14 for SK2003-42A.

These are priced and sold individually. One mount for quantity 1.

Q: Are the 24A priced and sold as each piece?

Yes, these are priced and sold individually.

Q: Does the Skybolt SK2003-42A Fastener require an STC purchase

This is a TSO-C148 FAA-PMA approved replacement for the Cessna/Lord J7444-42 Platemount. This does not require an STC purchase.

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