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SOUTHCO WEAR WSHR 82-46-101-39

Part# 82-46-101-39
MFR Model# 82-46-101-39
TypePart NumberMaterial
Cupped Washer82-46-101-39Nylon, white


SOUTHCO PUSH-ON RETAINER designed for installation using the retainer tool in "Accessories".

SOUTHCO SPLIT RING RETAINER Can be installed by hand or tool, and is fabricated from stainless steel.

SOUTHCO SEALING WASHER This black synthetic washer is used under head of Southco Studs.

SOUTHCO EJECTOR SPRING This stainless steel spring enables the stud head to stand away from the panel when the unit is not fastened. When using the ejector spring, add two grip lengths to stud length to allow for spring and wear washer.

SOUTHCO CUPPED WASHER A plastic washer to reduce wear around the Southco stud.When using wear washer add one grip length to stud length selection.



Always good to have on hand!

Paul R Verified Purchase

SOUTHCO WEAR WSHR 82-46-101-39

October 16, 2022

Paul R Verified Purchase

SOUTHCO WEAR WSHR 82-46-101-39

October 1, 2022

As discribed

Tim O Verified Purchase

SOUTHCO WEAR WSHR 82-46-101-39

July 18, 2022

Lindsay A Verified Purchase

SOUTHCO WEAR WSHR 82-46-101-39

April 8, 2022

Worked as expected.

Joseph J Verified Purchase

SOUTHCO WEAR WSHR 82-46-101-39

March 24, 2022

Alexander F Verified Purchase

SOUTHCO WEAR WSHR 82-46-101-39

November 11, 2021

AS had exactly what I was looking for for our 1968 Cardinal to help preserve the paint around cowling and other screws.

Phillips M Verified Purchase

SOUTHCO WEAR WSHR 82-46-101-39

August 18, 2021

I got these in stainless with the stainless #82 fasteners to replace some galvanized that were falling off. I also got the insertion tool for $33, which didnt work well for me. I ended up using very fine needle nose pliers to gently twist the ring into a helix and sort of screw down over the fastener. The clip ring flexed back into its original shape without adjustment. I replaced 23 sets in the battery door of my Mooney in a little over 30 minutes once I got the hang of it. I have a couple of sets in a small pill bottle in the tool bag in case something falls out again. Much better than original galvanized.

Dennis S
February 23, 2020

These really hold my Southcos well!

Richard T
October 19, 2019

Great products

Sansone S
January 21, 2019


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