Sirs Navigator Pedestal Mount Compass (TSO'd)

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A compass that delivers extremely accurate readings because it has a fully integrated magnetic correction facility. A similar design, also made by SIRS, is used by many civil and military aircraft manufacturers world-wide. The Navigator is ideal for use as a main compass on small Aircraft, Gliders or Microlights. It even gives accurate readings when used in cars and off-road vehicles. The adjustable mounting bracket allows the compass to be mounted in a variety of positions. This optimises visibility and improves accuracy.
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  • High Quality
  • Low Weight (60% less than competitors)
  • Accurate Magnetic performance
  • Clear, Wide angle Visibility
  • Easy Mounting
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Kurt F Verified Purchase


August 5, 2021

Went in with the same mounting holes at my mid 70’’s Airpath compass. Once mounted it was fairly close already, with headings. For me this was a better option than overhaul of the old compass.

June 11, 2020

Headings are clearly legible (perfect for aging eyes) and the blue LED backlight is perfect at night. I would buy this one again.

James K
February 17, 2019

I’ve installed this compass in my RV-14. The quality for manufacturing seems excellent. I haven’t swung the compass or used it in flight. So, the true test will be when using it in flight. This is the second compass I’ve purchased the previous unit was installed in a Rans S7S. In that installation we had difficulty locating the compass where it wasn’t effected by the steel tube structure. This compass with its multiple mounting options made it possible to find a location that allowed the compass to read accurately.

June 4, 2018

If compass tilted parallel to th dash, it will not absorb the vibration and is almost impossible to read. Tilt down work good.

Omar S
August 25, 2018


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Q: What is the height of the SIRS Navigator Pedestal Mount Compass?

The height is 3 inches.

Q: Do you have to order the install kit with the compass?

No, this is a replacement kit for parts that come in the compass box already.

Q: Is the SIRS compass TSO'd?

Yes, the SIRS Nav 2400 is (TSO'd) certified.

Q: What is the power source for the Sirs Navigator Pedestal Mount Compass? Can it be calibrated?

The Sirs Navigator Pedestal Mount Compass comes in a non-lighted version or a 12v or 24v power source version based on the model you choose. According the manufacturer, the compass offers accurate and simple magnetic correction.

Q: Do these SIRS NAVIGATOR PEDESTAL MOUNT TSO'd COMPASSES require correction for deviation? is a correction card needed?

Yes, correction is required for deviation. A correction card must be mounted near the instrument.

Q: Does the SIRS COMPASS CORRECTION KEY 11-09531 listed in the Accessories come with the unit or do you need to order it separately?

Each Sirs pedestal mount compass includes the correction key. We list it in the accessories in case customers would like an extra or lose theirs.

Q: Am I correct that these Sirs pedestal mount compasses are Wet Compasses?

Yes. This compass has a silicone card dampening.

Q: Does each SIRS NAVIGATOR PEDESTAL MOUNT COMPASS come with a correction card?

Yes, the correction card will be included in the box.

Q: What does compass model # NVC-2400-28 weigh?

Approx 0.73 lbs by itself.

Q: Do you sell the NV2C-2400-12V (12V lighting version)?

Sirs updated their voltage on the compasses. The lit version is now dual voltage. 12/28v lighted. We have updated our web page selector with the new models.

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