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EI Wire Overlap Connector / Splice Olc-2

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Part# 10-05470
MFR Model# OLC-2


The OLC-2 eliminates the needs for soldering, crimps, and expensive connectors, all while creating a perfect connection between two wires. The two wires are stripped 3/8 and then slid into opposing ends of the OLC-2, where they overlap each other. A set screw on the side of the OLC-2 is gently tightened, and presses into the overlapping wires, creating a cold solder joint where the two wires meet. The OLC-2 can also be used to create perfect connections with Thermocouple wire, which means no more bulky TC connections.

Wire Compatibility: Minimum Gauge - 24awg, Maximum Gauge - 16awg

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No problem.

Kenneth L Verified Purchase


August 3, 2022

Quality product, however an Allen wrench should be included.

Aerotecnica Verified Purchase


May 25, 2022

Great product… solved long term intermittent electrical problem… Neat clean connect to thermal coupler

Larry P Verified Purchase


September 7, 2021

The product was delivered with a small delay, but every single spare arrived

Muisca A Verified Purchase


June 26, 2021

These connectors work great. I am replacing all the crimp on connectors on my EI EGT and CHT probes. No more more lost signal.

Mike T
February 3, 2021

I was first introduced to this style connector when one came in the box with a new Gold Cube fuel flow transmitter. That was the OLC-1 with a single set-screw. It made a very solid mechanical connection great for wires in a high-vibration area. The OLC-2 with two set-screws, though slightly bulkier, is a little easier to assemble and still makes a great connection. Im using them for every electrical connection in the engine compartment. PS. It would be nice if Spruce threw in the needed allen wrench with an order of connectors, as the manufacturer does...

Kenneth C
January 11, 2021

No, it does not take a 3/64 hex driver, there is no such thing and the FAQ is wrong. Below 1/16, English-unit (ANSI/ASME) hex screws and drivers have decimal sizes and the set screw is 0.050 inches. This is indeed a standard size for hex screws and drivers and my discount Stanley socket set came with one. It is necessarily a bit small for some sets but its available.

Ross H
March 29, 2020

These worked flawlessly making 8 connections between MGL “K” EGT probes and MGL E-1 gauge. The gauge now accurately reads EGT temperatures for my Rotax 582 engine.

November 1, 2018

Great for connecting Thermo couples wire

Peter V
June 1, 2018

The use of a non standard set screw is a major drawback. 3/64ths is not in any set I have, and I have 5 sets.

Dan S
May 31, 2019


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Q: What are the dimensions of the EI OLC-1 overlap connectors?

Dimensions: .47" long, .25" diameter.

Q: What is the weight of the EI Overlap connector OLC-1?

These weigh approx .0035 lb each.

Q: What gauge wire will these connectors (OLC-1) accept?

Per E.I. - Minimum Gauge - 24awg, Maximum Gauge - 16awg

Q: What is the set screw type and size?

Per E.I.: This is an allen head set screw, 4-40 threads, and approx 1/8" long. The hex wrench for this set screw is a 3/64" Allen key.

Q: How many connectors in the pack, one or two?

These are priced and sold individually. 1 comes with qty 1.

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