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Part# 10-05470
MFR Model# OLC-2


The OLC-2 eliminates the needs for soldering, crimps, and expensive connectors, all while creating a perfect connection between two wires. The two wires are stripped 3/8 and then slid into opposing ends of the OLC-2, where they overlap each other. A set screw on the side of the OLC-2 is gently tightened, and presses into the overlapping wires, creating a cold solder joint where the two wires meet. The OLC-2 can also be used to create perfect connections with Thermocouple wire, which means no more bulky TC connections.

Wire Compatibility: Minimum Gauge - 24awg, Maximum Gauge - 16awg

E.I. products include all documentation and certifications

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  • OLC Pack, Hex Wrench, Installation Instructions
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No, it does not take a 3/64 hex driver, there is no such thing and the FAQ is wrong. Below 1/16, English-unit (ANSI/ASME) hex screws and drivers have decimal sizes and the set screw is 0.050 inches. This is indeed a standard size for hex screws and drivers and my discount Stanley socket set came with one. It is necessarily a bit small for some sets but its available.

Ross H
March 29, 2020

These worked flawlessly making 8 connections between MGL âKâ EGT probes and MGL E-1 gauge. The gauge now accurately reads EGT temperatures for my Rotax 582 engine.

November 1, 2018

Great for connecting Thermo couples wire

Peter V
June 1, 2018

The use of a non standard set screw is a major drawback. 3/64ths is not in any set I have, and I have 5 sets.

Dan S
May 31, 2019

I could not use these since they require an allen wrench in a size that is not generally available. Aircraft Spruce should have a link to and offer the wrench or modify the lksting to state the wrench size required. I went to several stores including a local hardware store that stocks everything and even they would have had to order the wrench. Instead I used the standard crimp connectors and overlapped the wires inside the jount instead.

Bryan D
February 13, 2020


Q: What are the dimensions of the EI OLC-1 overlap connectors?

Dimensions: .47" long, .25" diameter.

Q: What is the weight of the EI Overlap connector OLC-1?

These weigh approx .0035 lb each.

Q: What gauge wire will these connectors (OLC-1) accept?

Per E.I. - Minimum Gauge - 24awg, Maximum Gauge - 16awg

Q: What is the set screw type and size?

Per E.I.: This is an allen head set screw, 4-40 threads, and approx 1/8" long. The hex wrench for this set screw is a 3/64" Allen key.

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