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Part# 10-04057
MFR Model# SP-100PV


Swift Pressure Sensors / transducers are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technologies. They have been used in many different industries. This pressure sensor / transducer works with a variety of media, i.e. oil, air, water, etc. Unlike the resistance type sender, this is a solid state transducer with no moving parts which does not allow for any opportunity for the sender to become worn out mechanically.

Similar to Falcon Gauge
Made in China


  • Output: 0.5-4.5 Volt
  • Operation Temperature: -40~125 Degree C
  • Life: 1,000,000 Time
  • Weight: 40g
  • Accuracy: 0.5%
  • Thread: 1/8" NPT
  • PSI: 100
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Q: Would the Falcon 100PSI Oil Pressure Sender sensor turn on a light when there is no oil pressure?

This sender has three wires for power, ground and connection to a gauge and does not have a warning indication line.

Q: Can I use the Falcon Oil Pressure Sensor 100 PSI sensor for a Rotax 912?

Rotax changed their oil pump housings in last few years. If yours is newer type, then this will seem to fit but cause leaks and strip the threading. This will work fine if you have the older style 1/8" threading type.

Q: Can I replace a 100psi VDO sender with a falcon sender?

We do not recommend using VDO gauge with a falcon sender.

Q: Will this sender work with the WESTACH OIL PRESSURE GAUGE K2A8MM?

No cross reference data is available at this time. Westach recommends using only the sender included with the K2A8MM. The PN of the standalone Westach sender is 10-02640.

Q: I assume the wiring harness pictured is included with the sensor? How long is the wiring harness?

Yes, it is included. The length is approximately 42 inches.

Q: What color wire is ground, power, and signal to the instrument?

Per the manufacturer, black is ground, yellow is the sender signal and red is 5 VDC.

Q: Is this Swift sensor FAA TSOd?

No. This product does not have FAA Approval. It is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Is this sensor compatible with the Dynon Flightdeck 180?

Dynon recommends using only Dynon sensors in the Flightdek 180.

Q: What is the supply voltage? Do you have a data sheet?

Per the manufacturer, output voltage is 0.5-4.5 volts.

Q: Does this sensor come with the lead shown in the online photograph?

Yes, this product comes as shown in the photo.

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