Part# 11-05511
MFR Model# W001-DUAL RED


Dimmable LEDs encased in a flexible resin strip, Identical to standard Flexible LED strips but with twice the LEDs. Permits independent control of the RED and White or Blue and White colors.


  • Dimmable LEDs encased in a flexible resin strip.
  • Identical to standard Flexible LED strips but with twice the LEDs.
  • Permits independent control of the RED and White or Blue and White colors.
  • Ideal for using White lights for loading/unloading or in cloudy conditions and MIX or use of colored lighting during dusk or night conditions.
  • 35" length, 3/8" width and 1mm high. Installs in minutes with double-sided tape
  • Power consumption no greater than 160mA.



This is a great product but even better than that is the customer service. I was having a little difficulty figuring out the wiring but I worked with the manufacturer and they were able to provide me detailed instructions. I'd buy from them again. To wire it you will need to 2 channel dimmer switch. You then connect the red wire to the (+) terminal of output 1 and the black wire to channel 1 output (-). Then connect the white wire to channel 2 output (+). If you haven any problems at all though I'd contact them directly. They are very helpful.

December 27, 2012

Nice and bright. There are three wires--black for ground, red for the red LEDs and white for the white LEDs. The cadence on the strip is RED-WHITE-RED-WHITE...LEDs, so every other LED is lit when either red or white is connected to power, while the entire strip lights up when both red and white are connected to power. I measure about 450mA current draw on the red LEDs at 13.8V, and 500mA on the white LEDs at 13.8V. Even at 12V the strip draws far more than the 160mA touted, so I took off a star for that. (There are three red LEDs and a 300 ohm resistor and three white LEDs and a 100 ohm resistor in each segment, and 20 segments for the whole strip, so about 3.6 watts--300mA at 12V--is dissipated in the 40 resistors alone.) The data sheet recommends not connecting the black wire to chassis ground, but thats because an LED light strip requires a 100Hz PWM dimming circuit, and at these currents that will generate a lot of noise on chassis ground. If red and white dont need to be dimmed independently it would be easiest to simply PWM the ground connection and tie the red and white wires to the positive supply via switches for on/off control. However, there doesnt seem to be an off-the-shelf aircraft dimmer that can do that though.

Robert J
March 12, 2021

Great lighting answer for a dark panel. I have red for night vision and white for writing clearances on the ground if needed. One thing though is they are LED’s meaning they’re digital so you need a dual modulator switch, not a potentiometer which is analog. The switch is about $420

March 30, 2019


Q: Regarding the flexible LED instrument lights, RED/White 12v: Is this product FAA TSO Approved?

Per the supplier: No, this does not have FAA Approval and is intended for experimental aircraft use.

Q: Reviewer states you will need a Dual channel dimmer switch. Do you have this available?

Yes, if you keyword search for "DUAL DIMMER" on our website you will see the available options.

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