JPI EDM Fuel Pressure Sensor 3060-17

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Part# 10-03922
MFR Model# 3060-17


The Fuel Pressure injected engine 5-32 psi, 1/8 NPT is mounted to the pressure line using a 6 inch flexible hose and fittings (not supplied). You would then mount the other side of the pressure line You would use tie-wraps to mount the pressure sensor on an engine mount structure. It is not recommended to mount the sensor directly to the engine block.



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Q: Does this Fuel pressure sensor integrate with the EDM-830? Does it integrate with the JPI Slim-line fuel pressure digital readout?

Fuel pressure not available for the EDM 830. The slimline includes the sender but is not FAA approved for certified aircraft.

Q: Will this work on a EDM 350?

Yes, this will work on the EDM 350 per the Manufacturer installation manual Rev IR page 11.

Q: will this work at 5 psi? ie from 0.5 - 5 psi?

This sender functions from 5-32 psi.

Q: Does this work for JPI 930?

No, this does not work for any primary JPI unit. This unit is only compatible with advisory units.