JPI Slimline Boom Pressure Gauge For Crop Planes

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Part# 10-06063


This is a secondary unit only.
You must keep your original engine instrument

This unit is for use with Crop Planes for pressure while dropping

Slimline™ gauges are really popular with pilot who refuses to sacrifice reliability and accuracy, when it comes to engine and flight data.

These gauges all have a bright red, and easy to read illuminated displays and can be purchased separately, or in clusters, depending on your specific needs. The DIGITAL QUARTZ TACHOMETER is FAA approved, has an accuracy of +/- 1 RPM, and updates two times per second. This gauge is safe and noninvasive, because it does not attach to the mag “P” lead. The MANIFOLD PRESSURE gauge has an “over boost” alarm, resolution of 0.1 inches of Hg for precision power setting.

RPM and MP gauges can be fitted for a single 3″ hole. The VOLT AMP gauge has a discharge alarm and 0.1 Volt or amp resolution. The Oil and Fuel Pressure gauges have under pressure alarms as well as resolution to 1.0 psi. The OIL, TIT and EGT TEMPERATURE gauges all have high limit alarms and resolution to one degree. These gauges are designed to save panel space and provide you with the accurate information you need to keep flying safely.


  • FAA TSO approved.
  • 2″ wide, 1″ high and 3″ deep, mounting bezel available for 2.25″ hole.
  • Weight 0.19 lbs. 12/24 volts.



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