Radiant Multi Function Instrument UMFI- Gen 2

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Part# 10-07488
MFR Model# UMFI-22-GEN2


Radiant Multi Function Instrument UMFI- Gen 2

The updated Universal Multi-Function Instrument features Airspeed, adjustable Altimeter, True Airspeed. The UMFI-22-GEN2 unit also provides readings for Outside Air Temperature (OAT) and Density Altitude with a brilliant and clear, deep black, high contrast display.

RADIANT Technology has developed a new line of Gen 2 digital instruments for light sport, experimental and ultralight applications. The new line provides the pilot with familiar representations of common flight instruments, along with significant digital enhancements including True Airspeed, Density Altitude, VSI, temperature and more. The new GEN-2 Multi-Function Instrument benefits from these advancements and is an exciting upgrade for previous customers excellent addition for new customers. Excellent as a primary instrument or as a backup.
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  • Altimeter with Standard Dial and Digital Value, up to 20K feet
  • Airspeed with Standard Dial and Digital Value, Knots or MPH
  • Digital VSI to +/- 1999 FPM
  • External Temperature Probe included
  • Built-in Airspeed Computer provides True Airspeed
  • Density Altitude display
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit display, you pick
  • Easy Installation (add power, ground, connect pitot and static source via barbed tubing adapters)
  • Install into standard instrument hole
  • ASI Scale, you pick: 100 or 200
  • Knots vs MPH, you pick
  • Green Airspeed Range, set it to what you want
  • Yellow Airspeed Range, set it to what you want
  • Red Airspeed Range, set it to what you want
  • Altimeter may be recalibrated in 10 foot increments



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Q: Is this Radiant altimeter divided in two? Can I separate them and place one above the other?

No this cannot be split apart, but they can flip flop back and forth.

Q: I am confused. Other Radiant instruments on you website indicate their mounting diameter is 2.25. The UMFI-22 only says standard instrument hole which I would assume is 3-1/8. What is the diameter of the UMFI-22?

This gauge is a 2-1/4 mounting hole size which is also standard in instrumentation. Typically instruments will be either 3-1/8 or 2-1/4.

Q: Is the Radiant Multifunction 2 screens side by side or is it one screen with 2 selectable displays?

Per Radiant: "It is one screen and you can advance between the displays."