Westach EGT Probe K Wire 1-5/8-2.5 Clamp 712-32Dwk Non TSO

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Part# 10-01257
MFR Model# 712-32DWK


Senders, clamp type senders with 3/16" diameter probe. EGT Senders have 4 feet leads. (All Rotax)

Note: Westberg 712 Series Thermocouples are for Non-TSO’d CHT & EGT Gauges only. They have two small pins which are the same size.

Made in USA
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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Q: Will the Westach 712-32DWK probe work with the Westach 2DA1 Dual EGT/CHT gauge part number 10-00703?

Yes, they will work together.

Q: The other Westach EGT probes (part #'s 10-01233 and 10-01225?) list a probe length of 0.5 or 1 inch. No length is listed for this part (# 10-01257). What is the difference between this part and the other two?

Part number 10-01257 has a 1-5/8" to 2" clamp with a 1/2" tip. Part number 10-01225 has the same clamp with a 1" tip. Part number 10-01233 has a 1-1/4" to 1-3/4" clamp with a 1/2" tip.

Q: Which EGT probes work with the Dynon EMS-D120 on Rotax 912?

For the Rotax 912, you would need PN: 10-01844.

Q: Is this Westach EGT probe 712-32DWK probe grounded? Which one is ungrounded?

Yes, this probe is grounded. For type K ungrounded see part 10-25225.

Q: What EGT probe shoud I order for gauge # 10-00703 if I wanted to install it in a Continental C90 motor (non certified plane)?

Most Continental engines use 18MM gasket probes. Please confirm with your maintenance manual before purchase. See part number 10-01226 and 10-01225.

Q: I cannot source a Westach 713-2DWK EGT thermocouple 48 Type K #32 Clamp 2-2 9/16 1 tip. Can you suggest an alternative? Thanks.

Westach no longer makes a certified replacement for this probe. I believe 712-2DWK will work but it does not have FAA approval.

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