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P-110-REGT/TIT Standard 13/64" dia Probe (Robust)
P-110-FEGT/TIT Fast Response .130" dia Probe
P-110-F-XCO-6EGT/TIT Fast Response .130" dia Probe
with 6ft. Lead
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P-110 Probes including: Standard & Fast Response with or without 6ft lead - Hose Clamp type
    P-110-R - EGT/TIT Probe - Hose Clamp Type, Used with 13/64 Hole. Standard with most kits. Weight: 1.6 oz

    FAST RESPONSE P-110-F - EGT/TIT Probe - Hose Clamp Type, used with .130 hole. Optional with most kits. Weight: 1.3 oz

The basic difference between the P-110R (robust) and the P-110F (fast response) is the physical diameter of the probe. The P-110F measures .125" and the P-110R measures .187". The smaller diameter allows for a faster responding signal. Additionally, the depth of the probe can be adjusted with the P-110F as it uses a tapered ferrule to secure the probe. The P-110R uses two clips to secure the probe to the clamp.
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Exactly as described. Arrived within 3 days of order.

August 3, 2020

Sucessful transaction

S.a. M
July 9, 2020

Fast delivery, easy installation and works perfectly.

June 5, 2020

very well made.

Donald E
March 28, 2020

Exact replacement probe for EGT probe used by on EI MVP50.

Devin S
September 13, 2019

These are excellent probes. Ive used many over the years. It seems they last about 10-15 years. Not bad for a measuring instrument that lives in the exhaust stream. Ive always bought my replacements from Spruce.

Orlo T
August 14, 2019

Had one probe fail where it was touching the cowl wore through the insulation. New probe works perfectly.

June 21, 2018

Jim is great to deal with and look forward visiting with him again.

Bobby J
June 22, 2017

The probe doesnt get 5 starts but Aircraft Spruce does. We had aircraft with brand new CGR30P Twin System and one probe turned out bad out of the box. Plane had to go and EI could care less and couldnt ship out overnight because it was past their ship time at 2 in the afternoon. Aircraft Spruce came through--they always do!!!!!

Mark G
June 12, 2017

just as described. worked great with my EI instrument.

David B
March 26, 2017


Q: how big is clamp on egt probe P-110?

The diameter of the P-110 EGT clamp is 3 inches without being tightened.

Q: What type of connectors does the Electronics International P-110 EGT/TIT Probe have?

The Electroinics Internatial P-110 EGT/TIT Probe has two wires (yellow and red) which must be stripped 3/8" for proper overlap to the OLC-1 Overlap connectors which are provided with the probe.

Q: Is P-110 EGT/TIT probe grounded or ungrounded?

Per EI, the The P-110 EGT/TIT probe is ungrounded.

Q: The P-110 gives two option: 1) Standard no lead 2) 6' lead Does the #1 option come with the 14.5 lead?

No, the standard #1 version, part number 10-01591 does not come with any leads attached.

Q: Are these EI P-110 EGT / TIT probes type K or J?

These are Type K ungrounded.

Q: I have an older egt from EI. Would these probes work?

Yes, these EGT probes are compatible with all series EI EGT gauges.

Q: What is the ohms range?

Per the mfg.- there is not specific ohm range for this probe. This probe is a type k thermocouple with a nominal reading of under 10 ohms. If the probe has failed, the ohm reading will show open.

Q: Is the P 110 R standard probe available with leads?

Yes, part # 10-01591 has an option to add the lead. Please contact avionics sales to process the special order.

Q: Which of the EI P-110 probes will suit as replacement for a failed EGT probe on EI UB-16 6 cyl system?

Yes, these are compatible.

Q: What is the length of the FAST RESPONSE P-110-F - EGT/TIT Probe?

Part # 10-00377 is the probe plus a 6 foot lead.

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