Part# 01-07915
MFR Model# *3102EI/2
TypeDescriptionPart Number
Fast Hardener3102, Quart (2 lbs)01-07915


1307 Low Viscosity Resin / H-3102 Fast Epoxy Hardener - 100% solids two component epoxy laminating system with excellent wet out, low viscosity and high strength. Very low odor and toxicity. Easy to use, Mix Ratio: 4:1 by volume; 100:22 by weight. Gel Time: 12-15 minutes @ 77F (150 grams). Fast curing products for a variety of use applications. Used for fast curing, penetrating wood coatings, adhesives and sealers, fiberglass laminating and microsphere filled fairing compounds. Excellent cold temperature cures down to 40 degrees F. No solvents or VOCs. Non-hazardous, non-corrosive hardener.

H-3176 30-minute Medium R/T Epoxy Hardener- Safety Press Molding Epoxy Hardner. Good low temperature cure. Fast wetting of fiberglass reinforcements. Easy to use 4:1 mix ratio by volume; 100:22 by weight. Gel time: 25-30 minutes @ 77F (150 grams). High HDT at room temp, increasing with post cure. Low toxicity, very low odor. Non-hazmat.


It works well for potting our product.

Dwight L
April 16, 2021

great stuff

Jerome D
September 8, 2020

The delivery to Malmö Sweden was very fast , ( 2 days!)thank you Aircraft Spruce and U. P. S. , than came the cov. 19 slow motion at the customs !!

Reiner R
July 15, 2020

Like using it

Jerome D
August 29, 2019

Very happy with this product

Jerry C
August 16, 2019

Nothing wrong with the product itself however, this is the second time in a row that I receive this kit with damage to the containers that occurs during shipping. I have informed customer service about shipping damage and it is still happening. I wish the packing department would consider how irresponsible shipping companies are with packages.

Claude P
October 25, 2018


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Q: Are the technical data sheets available for the Jeffco Epoxy Laminating System?

Yes, we have added the Tech Data Sheets to this web page under the "Documents" tab.

Q: What is the shelf life after the resin and the hardener are opened?

Per the supplier: As long as the lid stays on it and it is nice and tight, it should last about 1 year.

Q: Exactly how much resin and how much hardener is in the 5 gallon kit (01-07925)? Is 5 gallons the total of resin plus hardener? Or is it 5 gallons of resin plus 1.25 gallons of hardener (total of 6.25 gallons)?

This has 5 one gallon cans of resin and 1 gallon can & one quart can of hardener. When mixed, it should yield approx. 6.25 gallons of laminating material.

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