Part# 05-12560
MFR Model# FX375-MK
FX375-MK Cleanable Fuel Filter for 3/8" Fuel lines05-12560


FX375-MK Cleanable Fuel Filter for 3/8" Fuel lines (NPT male output):
    62 micron stainless steel screen
    Fittings: AN-6 male input, 1/4 NPT male output.
    Negligible pressure drop
    Weight 60g
Please note: The output of these filters can be fitted directly into the input of the PX375-TC Boost and the XP375-TC Smoke/Transfer Pumps.

FX500-MK Cleanable Fuel Filter for 1/2" Fuel lines (NPT male output):
    62 micron stainless steel screen
    Fittings: AN-8 male input, 3/8 NPT male output
    Negligible pressure drop
    Weight 75g
Please note: The output of this filter can be fitted directly into the input of the PX500-TC Boost Pump.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Weight 60g


Better than the 10 micron filter that got plugged with no visible residue in the filter.

John C Verified Purchase


June 10, 2021

Its a great filter, but, you need to be aware of a few things. First, it requires the use of a 16mm wrench. If you use an SAE wrench youll mess up the hex fittings. Second, replacement o-rings are not, at the time of this writing, available from Aircraft Spruce. They really should sell these, as disassembly for inspection could damage the existing o-ring and you definitely want spares if youre going to open and inspect the filter as recommended. So if you use this filter, order spare o-rings from Andair or elsewhere to ensure you have them. The product itself is great, but you need to prepare yourself if you use it.

Tim O
April 20, 2020


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Q: What is the size of these Andair fuel filters?

Per Vendor: The filters length is 106mm and the diameter is 35mm. They're both the same with the exception of the inlet/outlets which are either 3/8" or 1/2".

Q: Does the Andair fuel filter, part # 05-12560, have 3/8 flared fittings on both ends?

No, part number 05-12560 has 3/8" flare one side and 1/4" NPT on the other.

Q: How many times can these filters be cleaned before they need replacement?

As long as there are no obvious tears or weak points in the mesh, continuous cleans should be okay.
Inspection and subsequent clean after the first hrs flight, then 5 hrs then 25 hrs are recommended.

Q: Can this be used on certificated Aircraft?

No. These are not approved for use on a certified aircraft.

Q: Is the body of this fuel filter made of plastic or aluminum?


Q: What is micron size of the mesh?

62 micron.

Q: What is the physical size of this filter part # 05-12560?

The filters length is 106mm and the diameter is 35mm.

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