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E-Mag Gear Adapter Kit C 20007-01311-2


There are a lot of O-200 engines in service, and many more will arrive via the new LSA standards. These engines have a well earned history as an aviation power plant. Modernizing them with electronic ignition will only enhance their value, and E-MAG is pleased to be playing a part.

The O-200 E-MAG will benefit from over five years of design evolution that have gone into our current (Lycoming) line. So it will begin service with a significant head-start. O-200 ignitions will be available in the P model (with the built-in power back). Each ignition will need a gear adapter (sold separately) that will allow you to use your existing drive gear.
  • Weight - roughly 3 pounds (naked - without drive gear and harness)
  • Length - 5.50 inches measuring from the flange mounting face to the back of the plug harness. This is a full 3/4" shorter than the Lycoming counterpart.
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Q: Can we get the E-Mag spark plug wire set? What type of coil wire connectors are needed if buying off the shelf spark plug wires?

The E-Mag lead kit is our stocking part number 07-02716. You can see an image of the harness and connectors on our web site. Looks to have standard automotive style connectors.

Q: Is this E-Mag P Model Ignition system for use on certified aircraft?

No, experimental aircraft only.

Q: Are these priced and sold as one magneto or a set of two mags?

That is the price for one.

Q: How much weight reduction compared to standard magnetos?

These are approx 1 lb lighter than most Slick mags.

Q: Can you get one for a right or left rotation engine? ie: a volkswagen conversion

Per EMAG: Yes, we can set for reverse rotation here (when requested by customer in advance). However, there is no simple mechanical interface to mate with the common VW engines out there.