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Part# 08-00886
MFR Model# 1045484


Phillips 66 X/C 25W-60

X/C 25W-60 is the first and only multiviscosity aviation oil designed and approved for radial engines originally designed to run on 120 grade. Pilots and mechanics will notice immediate benefits with X/C 25W-60 over single grade oils. Benefits such as improved oil flow at startup, quicker warm-up time, cooler operating temperatures and a cleaner operating engine. X/C 25W-60 also has proven corrosion protection in extreme conditions. X/C 25W-60 can be used year-round, during break-in and on to TBO.

Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil is an ashless dispersant, multigrade engine oil specially formulated for year-round use in aircraft piston engines. It provides distinct performance benefits compared with single-grade engine oils, including easier starting and faster oil circulation at low temperatures, reduced warm-up time, and reduced oil consumption in most engines. It maintains its film strength under high loads and at high temperatures to protect against wear and piston scuffing. The ashless dispersant formulation helps minimize the formation of engine sludge, varnish, piston deposits and combustion chamber deposits, resulting in a much cleaner engine compared with the use of straight (nondispersant) mineral oils.

X/C Aviation Oil was the first FAA-approved mineral oil-based, ashless dispersant, multiviscosity aviation engine oil. It has more than 30 years of outstanding, proven performance in a wide variety of aviation uses, including flight schools, charter and cargo airlines, acrobatic aircraft, spray planes, race planes and virtually any other general aviation application. It is available throughout the United States and is exported to other countries around the world.
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  • Ashless dispersant helps minimize engine sludge and varnish deposits for a cleaner engine
  • Easier starting and faster oil circulation at low temperatures compared with single-grade oils
  • Reduced warm-up time and cooler operating temperatures compared with single-grade oils
  • High film strength for protection against wear and piston scuffing, even under high-load conditions, such as takeoff, and at elevated operating temperatures
  • Provides cleaner and quicker break-in than traditional all-mineral, non-additized, single-grade oils
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Reduces oil consumption in most engines
  • Suitable for year-round use


  • Avco Lycoming Material Specification No. 301G
  • Pratt & Whitney Bulletin No. 1183 Rev. U
  • SAE Standard J1899
  • Teledyne Continental Material Specification MHS-24B
  • U.S. Military Specification MIL-L-22851D (obsolete) for additive treatment
  • QPL Approval Numbers: D07L1-20W-50 (X/C 20W-50), D07L1-25W-60 (X/C 25W-60)


  • X/C 25W-60 Aviation Oil is recommended for use in radial piston engines and in other aviation piston engines originally designed to run on heavier-grade oils, such as Commercial Grade 120.
  • Recommended for use during break-in and then as the operational oil until TBO. X/C
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25W60. Great for radial engines.

B.c. C Verified Purchase


September 14, 2022

Ups damaged box with 2 cases of oil and filters. I was notified promptly that damage had taken place but no follow up when I would receive shipment. I called a week or so later and the customer service rep responded and got the order sent out.

Richard B
August 12, 2020

My aircraft is powered by a Lycoming 0-540 1900 hours and this oil works very well. It produces consistently lower temps in climb, better fuel economy in cruise, (better by an average of 1 gph), and less oil use. My cylinder leakage is the high 70s over 80. In my opinion this is the best oil for piston engines.

Anthony M
June 22, 2020

What a savings! 4 gallons of oil for $88, compared to 12 qt case (3 gallons) for $96. I should have switched years ago since my plane holds 4 gallon of oil.

Stephen R
August 13, 2019


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Q: What does the GL stand for in 25W-60 GL CASE?

The GL represents gallon. It is noting that part # 08-00886 is a case of 4 gallons.

Q: Is Phillips 25W-60 oil approved for horizontally opposed Lycoming engines?

Per Vendor: 25W60 is usually recommended for radial piston engines. For horizontally opposed piston engines we would recommend either straight 50 or 20W-50 depending on the Lycoming engine model number.

Q: Regarding shelf life, I understand that there is no set limit as long as the oil is stored properly. What does that mean? Mine has been stored in an unheated garage for 3 years, including Ontario winters. Thanks

This has a shelf life of 1460 days.

Q: Are these imperial gallons or U.S. gallons?

US Gallons

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