Part# 08-05660
MFR Model# AFC-K007-A
DescriptionMFR Part No.DescriptionSTCPN
Remote Oil Filter KitK007-AUniversal Lycoming Kit Fits All Lycoming engines using the 4 bolt oil screen housing on rear of accessory case. Except IO-720SA00024NY08-05660


Remote Oil Filter Kits - Lycoming Engines

STC'd for ALL aircraft powered by O-235 through IO-720 Lycoming Engines.

Perfect for tight installations in ALL aircraft manufactured by:
Aviat Husky, Beech, Bellanca, Cessna, Grumman, Excalibur, Maule, Mooney, Piper, Pitts, Taylorcraft, and many others. Many piston aircraft came equipeed with and still only have an oil screen. Oil screens do nothing to protect your engine- particles larger than 20 microns (.001) will cuase damage
Oil screens have one purpose- to catch particles when the engine starts making metal

Hoses & Clamps not included unless where indicated.


  • Keeps your Oil Clean!
  • Extends Engine life
  • Extend oil changes from 25 to 50 hours
  • Traps tiny particles which can be found during filter element inspections so you know you have a problem before its too late
  • Filters oil before the oil cooler keeping any particles in the engine from ruining the oil cooler
  • Puts the oil filter in a much more easily accessible location-
  • Oil changes take minutes not hours/
  • Ends Messy oil changes
  • Protects your $11,000 fan shaft pinion gear.
  • Reduces engine temps by 20F
  • Kits Weighs less then 5 lbs

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Great product .

October 3, 2019

I haven’t installed this product yet however I have inspected the contents and find the pieces to be quality manufactured and well packaged. I look forward to having this remote oil filter installed in my airplane.

Ed P
September 7, 2019


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Q: Are oil hoses included in K001 kit?

This kit will be without the hoses.

Q: Does the kit part # 08-05605 include both oil filter Mounts: vertical(10b) and horizontal(10a)?

Yes, this will include both vertical and horizontal mounts.

Q: Are oil hoses included in K007-A kit?

The hoses are not included. You will need to purchase them separately.

Q: Is the filter supplied with the kit?

Yes, the filter is supplied in this kit.

Q: Is the STC and/or 8130 included in K007-A Kit?

The STC is included in the box with this kit.

Q: What is the model/part number of the oil filter that is supplied with this kit, part # 08-05605?

The filter supplied with the kit is a Champion CH48109-1.

Q: Are the hose ends included in the kit?

No, this ships without the hose clamps and hoses. Only AN Fittings included.

Q: What size Aeroquip type hose fittings are required for the AN837-8D bulkhead fittings?

It depends on the hose but you would want a -8 fitting. 491-8 for a 303 hose and 471-8 for a 306.

Q: Will the CH48110-1 filter work this, This is what I have on my plane now and have stock of filters to boot.

This kit would use a Ch48108-1 or ch48109 female filter.

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