+$300 Core Exchange Charge
Part# 08-10753
MFR Model# 19001-B
Aircraft Make & ModelWeldon Part No.OEM Part No.DescriptionPart Number
Robinson R4419001-B19001-BFuel Boost08-10753


Weldon’s strong commitment to excellence with Made-in-America quality has evolved into a comprehensive line of fuel and hydraulic pumps for general aviation, military aircraft, ground support vehicles and UAVs.

Attention: A core charge will apply for these New Pumps

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WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Its been back ordered for months.

Cedar R Verified Purchase


July 9, 2022

Perfect replacement for the Dukes that Cessna originally used.

Lee M
March 20, 2017

If ordering the 8100-J pump to replace a 8100 on PA-30 (Twin Comanche), you will also need bracket kit CJ33963-2, available from Quality Aircraft Accessories ( Took a few days to figure this out.

Ray E
May 6, 2019


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Q: Regarding Part # 08-10750 in the above list: Is the 10080-B fuel pump overhauled or new? Does it require a core exchange?

Yes, there is a core charge associated with he pump 08-10750, 10080-B. The current core charge will be added to the shopping cart along with the unit.

Q: Would a core charge apply to the C8100-J pump?

Yes, the C8100-J Weldon pump (part # 08-10745) has a core charge / core exchange associated with this purchase.

Q: Is the 8120-G new or rebuilt and are they 14Volt or 28v?

Weldon 8120-G, part # 08-08120, is a new pump. It is 14 volt.

Q: Regarding P/N 18000-B (08-07083): Is the price listed in new condition or exchange?

Part # 08-07083 is priced and sold in new condition.

Q: Why do new parts have core charges? Normally only overhauled parts have core charges.

The core charges are assigned by the manufacturer. We, as a distributor, do not decide which items to assign core charges to. Weldon has assigned a core charge / exchange on these pumps, so we set up the program for our sales.

Q: Is the Weldon part # A8163-B For a 28V system?

Yes that is a 28v pump.

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