$585.00/5 Gallon
Part# 08-13061
MFR Model# P3435902


Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 is a 5 cSt synthetic lubricant that is approved against US military specification MIL-PRF-23699F STD, and UK military specification DEF STAN 91-101/2 (replaced DERD 2499).

This lubricant provides a balanced combination of thermal and oxidation stability, load carrying capacity, lower volatility and has the best low temperature flow characteristics of all 5 cSt turbine oils.

Applications & Approvals
Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 is recommended for the lubrication of most aircraft gas turbines and accessories. It is also recommended for the lubrication of aero-derived gas turbines in industrial power generation, offshore and marine applications.

Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 has been approved by a wide range of engine and accessory manufacturers for their applicable equipment, including:

Rolls-Royce Ltd, Rolls-Royce Allison, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, CFMI, IAE, MTU, Solar and Turbomeca.

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California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


  • Viscosity: Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 has the best low temperature viscosity properties among all 5 cSt oils.
  • Cleanliness: Minimum formation of varnish and sludge deposits over long periods of use.
  • Seal Material Very benign to commonly used seal materials in gas turbines.
  • Compatibility: Load Carrying BP Turbo Oil 2380 is among the best of its class and provides excellent
  • Capacity: protection to bearings, gears, and other highly loaded lubricated surfaces.
  • Bulk Stability: Its high degree of oxidation resistance permits a long period of operation without significant increase in viscosity and/or total acidity.
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Q: How many quarts are included in a case of BP Turbo Oil 2380?

There are 24 quarts in a case.

Q: Have you changed the part, was BP TURBINE OIL and now EASTMAN P/N: 08-00761?

Yes, part # 08-00761 used to be made by BP. They have sold the line to Eastman who is now the producer of this turbo oil. The formula has not changed, only the brand and manufacturer. This is the same as the old BP 2380.

Q: How much does the case of 24 qts of Eastman 2380 oil weigh?

Approx 60 lbs.

Q: What is the shelf life of the Eastman Turbo Oil 2380?

4 year shelf life.

Q: Is the 5 gallon quantity a single 5 gallon container, multiple 1 gallon containers, or multiple quart containers?

The 5 gallon size is 1 x 5 gallon container.

Q: Im interested in buying a similar oil as MIL-PRF-23699D, the difference with this one is the last digit of the part number. This one is MIL-PRF-23699F. Can i replace the one i m looking for ? will it work ?

Mil-PDF-2699F is the current revision of the milspec. This will work.

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