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UMA 3-1/8 ASI 20-160 MPH

Part# 10-04925
MFR Model# 16-310-160
DescriptionPart No.
3-1/8 UMA Airspeed Indicator
Range: 20-160 MPH


These highly accurate Airspeed Indicators use a diaphragm to sense the difference between the pitot pressure and static pressure. Standard dial markings are black and white. NON TSO Approved. Intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Note: An inverter is required for the Internal Lighting Option (P/N 10-02083 UMA 14V LIGHT INVERTER)

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Good support, perfect product, fast shipping! Thanks

Frederic F Verified Purchase

UMA 3-1/8 ASI 20-160 MPH

August 12, 2023

Possibly 5 stars once I install and test. Quality and service good. Thank you AS.

Mark E
August 23, 2019

Way off. Reads 20 knots too slow.

Bradley S
January 31, 2020

WAY off, right out of the box. Read about 30% too low. Confirmed via water manometer check and against a 2nd airspeed indicator (+ GPS) in aircraft. Very disappointing that UMA does not seem to test/calibrate their ASIs before the ship them??? Last time I will buy a UMA gauge.

Steve H
November 26, 2019


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: What is the depth of airspeed indicator 10-00512.

The depth of 10-00512 is 3.25 inches.

Q: Where are these UMA Airspeed Indicators manufactured?

These UMA instruments are manufactured in the USA.

Q: Can we get custom range markings on these UMA Airspeed Indicators?

Yes, add part # 10-02792 to your order for custom UMA range markings. (See Accessories)

Q: What speed marks range come with P/N 10-04925 airpeed indicator?

Part # 10-04925 comes with 20-160 MPH.

Q: I need custom range markings and see you have that option. Does it matter if you have item in stock? I have two choices and one you have in stock

When you add the main gauge to your cart, a popup will be displayed with the available options. You then select the custom range marking option and it will be added to the cart along with the gauge. Please keep in mind that custom range markings are special order and we cannot add to the unit that is in stock.

Q: Do all the UMA ASIs have internal lighting?

No you must order the lighting option as well as the inverter. the lighting option p/n: 11-07239 and the inverter is 10-02083.

Q: Is this gauge suitable for light sport aircraft?

These are intended for install in experimental aircraft only. If your aircraft is certified these cannot be legally installed.

Q: Do these gauges just need a static and dynamic air sources to work?

Yes they just need pitot/static to function.

Q: What is the difference between TSO and NON TSO UMA ASI?

TSO refers to the FAA Approval. TSO instruments can be installed in certified aircraft. Non TSO can only be installed in experimental category aircraft.

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