Part# 10-06274
MFR Model# 399-OT
Sender TypeDescriptionPart No.
Temperature1/4x28 THD, 1/4" tip with nut, 4' lead, 1,750 ohms @ 100F10-06274


Non-TSOd fuel quantity indicators available for single or dual tanks. Requires 0-5V capacitance senders (not incl.)
Note: Westberg 712 Series Thermocouples are for Non-TSOd CHT & EGT Gauges only. They have two small pins which are the same size.

Made in USA
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As ordered.

Barry D
April 12, 2021

Easy to instal and worked great!

Tom D
September 30, 2020

Good product, works great with my Westach indicator BUT I delayed purchasing it because the “4 wire” in the description confused me. The old one is a 2 wire. I dug deeper and figured out they meant “4 foot wire”. I went to the Westach website, figured out which probe I needed then went back to AS with the correct part number. AS could have saved me the trouble.

April 25, 2020

Received ahead of schedule and it works great.

Jim M
March 12, 2018


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Q: What is the difference between p/n 10-01225 and p/n 10-01228?

They are both are EGT probes, but p/n 10-01225 is non-tso approved while p/n 10-01228 is FAA TSO approved.

Q: Is your sender unit part number 10-01226 the same as Westach Sender part number 712-5WK? I need to verify it is a J type sender, 48 long for Westach.

Yes. Our part # 10-01226 is ordered directly from Westach under 712-5WK. They are the same product.

Q: Is part number 10-01230 sold a single CHT probe or multiple?

Part # 10-01230 is priced and sold individually, one probe.

Q: Is the thermocouple part number 10-01226 FAA TSO approved?

No, part # 10-01226 is non FAA TSO approved.